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Leave of Absence

Students who wish to leave the University temporarily for academic, medical, religious or military-service reasons may request a Leave of Absence for a specified period of time. Medical leaves will only be granted for one of the following: fall term or spring term. Other types of leaves may be approved for up to one academic year. Leaves planned in advance must be requested at least three weeks before the beginning of the term during which the student wants to be absent from HPU. Requests for unplanned (i.e., health-related) leaves must be made immediately and are not considered retroactively. Reinstatement is contingent upon good conduct in the interim and, if studying at another college or university, an acceptable academic record.  Students who take a medical leave need to include a statement by their care provider that they are medically cleared to return to High Point University.

Leave of Absence Form

Students who do not return for the appointed term will be withdrawn retroactive to their leaving date, which may have financial consequences.

Students who have applied for a Leave of Absence (LOA) can apply for a one time semester extension. The appeal will be reviewed by committee and the student will be notified if the extension has been approved or denied. Please use the link below to file your request for appeal at this time:

Leave of Absence Extension Request


A student may voluntarily withdraw from the University from all classes in which he/she is currently enrolled and receive a final grade of W with the exception of those classes in
which the grade of FA has already been earned if the withdraw is on or before the last day of class. Withdraws submitted after the last day of class will be processed after grades are recorded.

This is an extremely serious decision and a student contemplating this action should consult with the academic advisor, as well as the Associate Vice President for Student Life, before making a final decision.

The procedural requirements for withdrawal in good standing will be explained and coordinated by the Office of the University Registrar. The process is essentially the reverse of enrollment. All accounts must be clear and academic records reviewed before withdrawal is complete. The University Withdrawal Form must be completed by the last class day of the semester.

Withdrawal Form

If you are an incoming student who has yet to move onto campus, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at if you wish to withdraw from High Point University.

Frequently Asked Questions and Considerations for Contemplating Leave of Absence (LOA)  vs. Withdrawal from the University (WD)