“Until there is peace among the world’s great religious traditions, there can be no peace in the world.”

Because of its religious heritage, High Point University prides itself on being a place of radical hospitality to people of all faith traditions. We are committed to not only providing space and support to multifaith development but also, interfaith engagement and service. Interfaith engagement is about creating bridges of understanding and empathy across lines of religious traditions.

Interfaith Friday Profiles

2020-21 Interfaith Partner* Olivia Lender writes about diversity of faith and secular identities on campus and how those identities animate life on HPU’s Campus.

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In 2015, Interfaith Youth Core recognized High Point University as its Rookie of the Year recipient for unique programing and civic engagement.

Other Initiatives

  • Interfaith United is the student-led group, which leads efforts in bringing HPU’s diverse student body together.
  • Interfaith Dinner Club is a year-long interfaith dinning experience that introduces students to interfaith leadership concepts over the course of meals shared between people of different religious traditions.
  • *The Interfaith Partner Program is a one year student-employment cohort program providing interfaith education and engagement for students.
  • Witness one of our student profiles on interfaith engagement.