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B.A. Religion

The Religion program at High Point University fosters reflective engagement with some of humanity’s most powerful texts, practices, institutions and ideas. As part of a liberal arts curriculum, our students achieve a deeper understanding of the religious traditions that have so profoundly influenced the shape of the world in which we live. They also learn the immensity and complexity of the field of religious studies and the rich diversity of the world’s religious traditions.

Why study religion?

Religion is intertwined with just about every aspect of human experience, from art and literature, to law and politics, to pop culture and marketing. Reports of the ‘death of God’ (and of religion) have turned out, to paraphrase Mark Twain, to be greatly exaggerated. Studying religion means trying to understand time-tested traditions and dynamic social mo vements across all kinds of cultural differences. Majoring in religion is an exemplary way to fulfill the promise of a liberal arts education and gain breadth and depth for understanding the world in which we live.

What can I do with this major?

  • Bachelor of Arts in religion
  • Minor in religion
  • Nonprofit work
  • Religious education
  • Law
  • Social Work
  • Medicine
  • Business Finance
  • Ministry
  • Graduate School

Areas of specialization

  • Christian Ministry
  • Business Ethics
  • Modern German Philosophy
  • Theology and Economics
  • Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Feminist Approaches to Religion and Philosophy
  • Ancient and Medieval Western Thought
  • Biblical Studies
  • Comparative Religious Studies
  • Catholic Theology and Ethics

Unique course offerings

  • Women in the Bible
  • Evil, Suffering and God
  • Asian Religions and Environmental Concerns
  • Fundamentalism and Violence
  • Sages, Monks and Ascetics

Student clubs & organizations

  • Pre-ministerial Students
  • Theta Alpha Kappa, religion honors society
  • Weekly Chapel services


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Religion at HPU

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