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Travel Checklist – All requirements outlined in the checklist must be met before any student organization travel can be approved. 
*Please note that organization advisors (HPU faculty/staff) are responsible for coordinating all travel and for ensuring that all travel requirements have been met.


All travel-related requests should be submitted to the SGA Advisor and presented to SGA a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the first date of travel.

  • Bills, purchase requests, transportation requests, booking travel arrangements 

*NOTE – Any travel-related requests made after the above-mentioned 6-week window are not guaranteed to have adequate time to be processed. The organization will accept any funds lost due to incomplete travel arrangements that were not requested in a timely manner.  

Recommended Timelines:

  • Local Event Transportation: 4-6 weeks  
  • Overnight Travel [drivable distance]: 6 weeks 
  • Overnight Travel [flights needed]: 6-8 weeks 
  • International Travel: 10-12 weeks  

HPU Travel Release Waiver

Advisor Agreement

Travel form

HPU Transportation must be utilized whenever university funds are being expended. Ex: airport shuttles, social events, academic conferences, competitions, etc.

Transportation Request Form – must be completed by the organization’s advisor (HPU faculty/staff).

Rental Vehicle Information – faculty/staff organization advisors should review this information prior to renting a vehicle for student organization event or trip transportation.