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Student Government Association TPLS 1L 2685 (1)

The following tools and documents help guide the direction and action of the Student Senate.

Bill Submission: Please go to the Finance Tab on your organization’s HPU Connect page and submit a budget for the Bill Submission Process.

Student Services Recommendation Form

Governing Documents

Constitution – Current version of the HPU SGA Constitution.

Bylaws – Updated March 2023. The current version of the HPU SGA Bylaws.

Campaigns & Elections Act– Guidelines for all SGA elections were updated in January 2023.

Clubs and Organizations

Contact list– Email addresses for all student clubs and organizations that are recognized through SGA.

Cheatsheet– Things SGA Clubs and Advisors must know.

Organization Misconduct Policy- Page 85 of the Guide to Campus Life. Sanctions can progress from a verbal warning to a written warning to as far as social probation or removal of the organization’s charter.



After Action Reports (Bills) – After Action Reports (AAR) must be submitted 2 weeks following the date of the event.

After Action Reports (Budgets) – Please fill out this After Action Report form for each budget item. (i.e. If your organization received an SGA budget for 4 different items, please fill out an after-action report for each of these 4 items once each of the events are complete.)

Budget Proposals. All budget request proposals for consideration by the budget/appropriations committee must follow this format. All budgets must also be signed by the appropriate persons as stated above in order to be accepted. Budget submissions are accepted in November and April. The treasurer will provide communication concerning all budget requests.

Sample Budget – Use this to help you plan out the budget for your event or program.

How to Submit & Approve a Budget and Bill


Deposit Form – Please use object cod 47017 for deposits and 53017 for checks/payments.

Deposit Form for Fundraisers & Sales – Deposit form to be turned in with all deposits of monies earned through events, activities, fundraisers, and sales.

Gift Request Form – Any organization desiring to give tangible personal property or monetary gifts should submit a gift request through the form. The gift request will be reviewed by the Vice President of Financial Affairs. If the Office of Financial Affairs approves the use of the funds for the requested gifts, the Office of Communications will review the requested gift type, proposed branding and selected vendor. In order to make the greatest impact and best use of University funds, the Office of Communications may deem an item in the current gifting inventory to be more suitable than ordering a new gift. If the Office of Communications has an item that the department accepts, the department will be charged a per piece price through monthly allocations prepared by the Business Office.

Purchase Request Form How-To – Purchase request forms must be completed through HPU Connect.

Student Contribution –  Student contributions are an expectation for any bill that includes travel-related expenses. The student contribution should be reflective of the total cost of the trip. This calculator will help your organization better understand an appropriate student contribution. The calculator will download as an Excel spreadsheet for your use. Questions? Contact

SGA Financial Codes


Campaigns & Elections Act – Revised Fall 2022. Outlines the operational guidelines, rules, and regulations on SGA Executive Council, Class Officer, and Residential Student Council petitioning, campaigning, and voting processes. All interested parties should read and agree to this information prior to obtaining a petition for office.

Campaign Violation Report Form – To report negative campaign materials that violate the Election Guidelines as put forward in the Bylaws.


Charter Guidelines. All new student organizations must be reviewed and chartered by the Student Life Committee. Chartered student organizations wishing to make changes to the constitution must present those changes to the Student Life Committee to be reviewed and approved.

Student Organization Events

Organizations are required to register all events, both on-campus and off-campus, through their HPU Connect page. Any unregistered event can be canceled and the organization may face disciplinary action under the Organizational Misconduct Policy.

Event Approval Process

Event Checklist

How to Register an Event

Food Truck Guide– Updated 2022

Branding & Promotional Items

Trademarks & Licensing – Any vendor producing items bearing the High Point University brand must be licensed. This includes, but is not limited to promotional products, signage, banners, and uniforms. Click here to see a list of licensed vendors.

Advisor Roundtable Recordings

Travel Training- November 4, 2022

Event Approval Process- January 27, 2023

Financial Process- March 3, 2023