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Computer Science

Computer Science

 A Focused Curriculum

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science’s primary goal is to develop the aptitudes and analytical skills required for the use and understanding of computer science. The curriculum is designed to allow exceptional students to excel in their area of interest. The professors strive to guide the students in discovery and learning of new ideas, rather than just presenting carefully structured theories. Applications are used throughout to illustrate and motivate new material. Most topics are developed by means of interplay between applications, problem solving and theory. Early courses are designed to appeal to a broad audience of university students, while higher-level courses are more focused.

Programming languages

  • Member of MSDN Academic Alliance
  • Member of Apple iOS Developer Program
  • C, C++, and Objective C, and Java
  • IDEs such as xCode and Eclipse
  • Scripting languages: Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript
  • Maya and RenderMan studio
  • MySQL and Postgres
  • Maple and Matlab
  • Apache web server


  • Several dual 8-core Xeon servers running Red Hat Enterprise
  • HPC with over 5000 core processors including Nvidia Fermi and GTX Titan Mac Server (a base server for a Render Farm using RenderMan)
  • iMac workstations running the latest Mac OS X
  • Dell Alienware workstations with Nvidia graphic boards running Fedora Core

Why should I choose this major at HPU?

  • In the age of technology, the demand for computer programmers continues to expand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for students with a degree in computer science is growing faster than most degrees.
  • At HPU, you have the option of earning either a B.S. or a B.A. in computer science. This allows you to focus on the courses that will be most beneficial for your desired job after graduation.
  • We are committed to incorporating the latest trends in technology into our curriculum. You will have access to the top software available.
  • Our students invent and design new approaches to computing technology and find innovative uses for existing technology.
  • Computer scientists are likely to enjoy excellent job prospects because many companies report difficulties finding these highly skilled workers.

What can I do with this major?

Students with degrees in computer science currently have careers as:

  • App Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Data Scientist
  • Security Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Application Engineer
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist
  • Information Technology
  • Network Administrator
  • Credit Analyst

Median pay for computer science majors:


15% faster growth than the average for all occupations.

Holistic Learning

Faculty members received a $10,500 grant to continue an iPad app program at HPU. The applications are used in class to teach key economic principles.

Six students, mentored by Roger Shore, associate professor of computer science, designed, developed, analyzed and implemented the apps as student workers with grant funds. The grant also allowed for those students to present their work at two conferences. This will continue to be a long-term interdisciplinary collaboration with the economics and computer science faculty.

“Through this grant, our computer science majors are gaining valuable experience developing apps that eventually will be rolled out nationally,” says Shore. “The apps also make it possible for our economics students to participate in real time economic experiments. The experiments show students how their decisions and the related impacts may be affected by various economic, trading and social structures.”


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