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191120 Engineering 0097
As technology expands throughout daily life, so do threats and vulnerabilities. That is why we need you.
Daily from 8:30am — 5:00pm.

HPU’s Cybersecurity degree offered in the Computer Science department teaches you how to discover and investigate attacks like data breaches, malware infections, and software vulnerabilities. You discover how to build firewalls, encrypt data transmissions, and design access controls. Further, you will explore secure software and systems. All told by the end of your degree you will be positioned to protect any organization from all manner of cyber attacks.

Learning Cybersecurity Life Skills

Research and practice are vital to learning cybersecurity life skills. While our classes show you the fundamentals of programming, networking, and cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity Engineering Learning Facility (CELF) is where we get hands-on. This is a world-class laboratory designed from the ground up to serve as the HPU hub for training, research, analysis, and programming in all things cybersecurity. Learn to defeat simulated cyberattacks, land an internship where you can put your skills to work and prepare for the workforce, publish a scholarly article addressing an existing challenge in the field, and more.

Course Requirements 2022/2023
Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
Degree Requirements Credits
Major Requirements 68
University Core Requirements 36-44
Electives 16-24
Total 128
Requirements for B.S. in Cybersecurity
Requirements for B.S. in Cybersecurity
Course Course Title Credits
CSC 1710 Introduction to Programming 4
CSC 1720 Advanced Programming with Data Structures 4
CSC 2212 Database Systems 4
CSC 2342 Discrete Structures 4
CSC 2410 Computer Systems 4
CSC 2710 Advanced Data Structures with Algorithm Developement 4
CSC/MTH 3010 Cryptography 4
CSC 3460 Networking and Network Programming 4
CSC 3810 Introduction to Information Security 4
CSC 3820 Penetration Testing 4
CSC 3940 System Security 4
CSC 4210 Operating Systems 4
CSC 4710 Software Engineering 4
CSC 4820 Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis 4
ECE/PHL 2014 Engineering and Technology Ethics 4
MTH 1410 Calculus I 4
STS 2910 Introduction to Statistical Analysis 4
Course Descriptions
Career Opportunities
Mid-career median pay for cybersecurity majors: $93,250 - 15% faster growth than the average for all occupations

Recent HPU graduates hold the following positions:
Student Outcomes
Spencer Day

Name: Spencer Day Hometown: West Chester, Ohio Year: Class of 2020 Major: Criminal justice and computer science Internship: Day spent the summer with La-Z-Boy as the cybersecurity intern on the…

Study Abroad
At High Point University, our emphasis on global perspectives is designed to provide students with opportunities to enhance their international awareness and to develop their cross-cultural communication skills. Study abroad is strongly encouraged as a part of this emphasis on global studies. With a variety of extraordinary options at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, students at High Point University are encouraged to study abroad as early as the summer after their freshman year. Employers are looking for more than just a degree; they want well-rounded individuals who have familiarity with diverse cultures, special skills, and knowledge of the world around them.
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