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Sep 25th, 2020

Chadwick Tolley

 Exhibition Fall 2020

Each piece begins as an idea or a desire to explore one of the many technical aspects of printmaking. I start by collecting images, sketches, and textures and use these to begin creating prints, drawings or collages. As I develop the image, I try to avoid planning too far ahead by intuitively responding to each step of the process. I deliberately leave evidence of deletions, corrections, or accumulation of marks as a form of documentation and evidence of the process.

I am interested in making art that suggests a narrative. I do not intend to create autobiographical images but thought the process of developing meaning, I often use my personal experience as a point of reference. I hope that by examining my own experience, I can connect or relate to something universal. As I work to resolve images, personal imagery emerges, but it remains ambiguous enough to allow for personal interpretation.

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