2022 - 2023 Exhibitions
Christ Harris Faded Brides Art Exhibition
Christi Harris
November 7 - December 16, 2022
Fading Brides is a series of large-scale drawings/paintings. The imagery is of singular bridal portraits superimposed upon a background that is visible through the bride.

Lachrymose is an installation that explores the intersection of grieving and “emotional labor” made tangible by embroidering phrases from condolence letters from the early 1900’s onto handkerchiefs in the style of the handwriting.
HPU Faculty Art Exhibition
October 3 - October 28, 2022
An Exhibition of work by High Point University's Departments of Art and Design.

Mark E. Brown / Janice Dougherty / Carrie Allyson Dryer
Cory Gurley / Scott Michael Raynor / Bruce Shores
Benita VanWinkle / Lisa Woods
Reinecker Night Light
Parker James Reinecker - Two Cardinals In The Thicket
August 22 - September 23, 2022
An Exhibition of work by photographer Parker James Reinecker

Two Cardinals in the Thicket is a two-part photographic series exploring themes of human ecology, navigation, and how a landscape shapes its own identity.
Convergent Exhibition Web
CONVERGENT - Senior Exhibition
April 25 - May 7, 2022
An Exhibition of work by Graduating Seniors in the departments of Studio Art + Graphic Design
Around & Around Exh Page
Around & Around | New work by Katherine Strause and Margo Duvall
March 21 - April 14, 2022
Strause, a painter, and Duvall, a photographer, both hail from Little Rock, Arkansas and create figural images that are rooted in the documentary tradition and imbued with symbolic, nostalgic, and even magical qualities.
Artifact Bold Exibit Web Photo
January 24 – March 11, 2022
ARTIFACT [BOLD] is a national biennial exhibition of Graphic Design and New Media that the Sechrest Gallery is jointly hosting with High Point University’s Department of Studio Art and Graphic Design.
Jessica Singerman of Stones and Earth and Air
Jessica Singerman
Of Stones And Earth And Air
October 25 – December 17, 2021
Singerman is inspired by the poetry of nature: color and light in the landscape, seasons, and the passing of time. In the artist's own words, "My work is a kind of meditation and a love letter to life and painting. It is through painting and outdoor activity that I can quiet my mind, make sense of life, and explore spirituality. I want my work to create wonder for people and to be evocative of the outdoor spaces that inspire, like mountains, valleys, and skies."
Nichole M Santiago Exibits Main
Nicole M. Santiago
August 16 – October 8, 2021
In her works, Santiago portrays semi-autobiographical scenes of everyday life, rejecting the grandiose in lieu of the mundane, surely a contemporary nod to 17th-century Dutch genre painting. The non-heroic characters in her works are embedded in the throes of domestic mundanity, even when those characters are marginalized or seemingly absent. But these prosaic personal depictions do not exist solely on the surface. Instead, the artist invites the viewer to explore deeper narrative layers, divulging a moodier undercurrent of universal grief, humor, and selfless devotion.
The LIminal Collapse Feature Photo
New Work by Scott Eagle
The Liminal Collapse
March 8 – April 16, 2021
LIMINAL (/ˈlimənl/; adjective)
1. relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.
Across Borders Exhibit Photo
Across Borders: Contemporary Artists Explore Migration and Displacement
January 25 – February 26, 2021
This exhibition takes place in conjunction with High Point University’s installation of Hostile Terrain 94, a global participatory political art project organized by the Undocumented Migration Project (UMP), that memorializes and bears witness to the thousands of migrants who have died as a result of ‘Prevention Through Deterrence,’ the U.S. immigration policy between Mexico and the United States.
Chadwick Tolley Sechrest Galley Exibition
Chadwick Tolley Fall 2020 Exhibition
September 25 – November 19, 2020
Chad teaches Printmaking and Drawing at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. He exhibits widely across the United States and won various awards for his work including a Purchase Award in the Atlanta Print Biennial, a Purchase Prize in the "Ink and Clay" exhibit in Pomona, CA, the C.G. Metals Purchase Prize from the Boston Print Biennial and a Best in Show award from the Oso Bay North American Printmaking Exhibition. His work is also included in several public collections in the United States, the Guandong Museum of Art in China and the Jordanian National Gallery of Art in Amman, Jordan.
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Faculty Exhibition 2020
August 24 – September 18, 2020
Works by High Point University Faculty: Scott Michael Raynor, Bruce Shores, Benita VanWinkle, Mark Brown, Janis Dougherty, Carrie A. Dyer and Cory Gurley
Spring 2020 Student Exhibition
Student Exhibition
April 20 – May 16, 2020
Works by High Point University Seniors: Mara Alvarado, Gina Figliozzi, Priscilla Frasier, Abigail Klein, Jessica Levasseur, Michele Marotta, Megan O'Donnell, Dana Roberts
Goldsleger Millard Exhibit - Motel 1
Goldsleger/Millard Exhibition
March 16 – April 17, 2020
The Sechrest Gallery of Art is thrilled to exhibit the work of internationally-known contemporary artists Cheryl Goldsleger and Larry Millard. Goldsleger and Millard bring their unique sensibilities together in this exhibition: Goldsleger’s paintings and drawings weave together geometry with abstract, painterly marks to express our contemporary sensibilities; while Millard’s use of geometrical forms in his sculptures give the impression that his pieces are innate objects in the spaces we occupy.
Huber Exhibition Reflections of Japan
Reflections of Japan
January 14 – February 24, 2020
'Reflections of Japan' through the lens of Dr. Morton W. Huber, capturing the beauty of the Japanese landscape for more than 23 years.

Prints by artists working in the ukiyo-e style – ukiyo-e translates to “picture of the floating world” – created images for the wealthy merchants of Edo (later Tokyo) who wanted to see in the art they purchased to decorate their homes a reflection of their lives, entertainments, and pleasurable pursuits.