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Oct 25th, 2021

Jessica Singerman

Of Stones And Earth And Air

Born in Bangor, Maine, Jessica Singerman lived alternatively in France and the United States during her early life. Singerman earned her BA from the College of William & Mary, Virginia, and her Masters of Fine Arts in 2004 from the University of Delaware. Jessica and her family currently reside in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Singerman Paper Cranes

Singerman’s exhibit is  particularly exciting because there is an installation component. She installed, with the assistance of students, a piece called ‘Paper Mountain’ containing 1200 suspended paper cranes.

Singerman Of Stones And Earth And Air

Of Stones And Earth And Air. One of my favorite places is Pilot Mountain State Park. It inspires my work with its beauty as it overlooks the landscape surrounding it. This painting came from time I spent hiking there with my family – views from the trail-side and of a pastoral landscape – not wild, but full of a vast energy nonetheless.