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Mar 21st, 2022

Around and Around

Painter Katherine Strause and
Photographer Margo Duvall

Archer & Photos

Katherine Strause finds inspiration for much of her art through found vintage photographs, exploring women’s perspectives through painting. 

It is my belief that women are really in charge. Do we get to show it very often? No, but often we are taking control in playful, quiet and oftentimes subversive ways,” Strause said. 

My paintings contain the spirit of that rebellion. The figures are on a mission of change; they lack inhibitions and are confident in their opinions and the future. They are in full possession of themselves, in charge of their space, their bodies, their feelings, and their actions. No one could ever make them sit down.” 

Margo Duvall investigates photography’s role in the development of memory and identity.

All She Needed to Do. The traces of my grandmother over her 96 years are in these photographs. The moments captured…the special occasions. the mundane, the beauty of youth, the good old days… are all frozen in time and held still in the emulsion. This work attempts to hold those traces close, to give them another life. Some images attempt to recreate her moments through a modern lens, some just treasure the stillness that is…what remains.