#MyMajorAtHPU: Business Administration

Apr 19th, 2017

#MyMajorAtHPU: Business Administration

#1- The number one most popular major at High Point University for 2017-2018 is Business Administration. The Earl N. Phillips School of Business is committed to offering students a comprehensive and relevant curriculum, which encompasses a large selection of courses. Through their choice of electives, students can focus their studies on a specific area such as marketing, finance or management, or choose a more diverse program of study. Our business graduates are prepared for the world of work because they are required to take courses from the Business Core Curriculum. Their choice of electives is in addition to this core curriculum. Thus, they have flexibility in the workplace and are prepared for a multitude of career options.

HPU Sales Labs

A place for students to hone their pitching skills and learn how to sell their value across the board. 

Unique Course Offerings

Some of the unique course offerings include: Business Modeling, Econometrics, Environmental Economics, Global Business, Global Logistics, Innovation Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Negotiations, Project Management, Sales Leadership, Sales in Dynamic Environments, and Social Media Marketing.

Student Success & Career Opportunities

Students majoring in Business Administration have had incredible internship and career opportunities. View featured graduate profiles. Read student success stories and see a list of companies where students have had internships or started careers upon graduation.

Check out the Academic Minors available in the Earl N. Phillips School of Business:
Accounting Minor
Business Administration Minor
Economics Minor
Entrepreneurship minor
Finance Minor
Global Commerce Minor
Marketing Minor
Sales Minor