Office of Accessibility Resources and Services

Academic Accommodations


1. Complete the OARS COMPASS Registration. Please state requested accommodations and provide a summary of previous accommodations. This form also authorizes the OARS Staff to release disability-related information to campus officials as necessary. PLEASE NOTE: when applying for accommodations you will be asked for your HPU email and password to access the site.

2. Provide appropriate documentation. Click HERE for the Academic Accommodation Documentation Criteria. Diagnostic documentation must be relevant to the diagnosed disability and may include:

  • Psychological/educational evaluation(s) that may contain information regarding tests of aptitude, achievement, and information processing (e.g. WAIS, Woodcock-Johnson etc.)
  • Assessments from clinical or educational psychologists, school psychologists, neuropsychologists, learning disabilities specialists, and medical doctors.

3. OARS Accessibility Support Specialists review each request to determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations and notify students via their HPU email.

– Note –

  • Each semester students must request accommodation letters to provide students’ professors with notification of approved accommodations.
  • Accommodations are implemented in coordination with OARS staff & classroom professors.


Has it been a few weeks and you feel like your accommodations need some adjustments? No problem! Schedule a meeting with a member of our OARS team and we are happy to sit down and discuss any changes that need to be made.