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The mission of the Center for Medical Simulation at High Point University is to provide experiential learning opportunities that challenge and prepare learners to be extraordinary healthcare providers.
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Mon - Fri 8:30am — 5:00pm

The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) is a cutting-edge educational facility located in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies.  We provide experiential learning opportunities utilizing a variety of modalities including high-fidelity patient simulators, standardized patients, and task trainers.  The CMS instructional team specializes in the creation of immersive medical scenarios and is able to tailor the educational experiences to meet the needs of any medical profession.

Fidelity in patient simulation usually refers to how well it conveys the look, feel, sound and usability of the final product, in our case an actual patient.  Here at HPU Department of PA Studies we have high fidelity simulators that reproduce the experience of a real patient with little distortion.  These simulators allow us to use “modeled physiology” which recreates responses that an actual patient’s physiology would show the learner.  While our low fidelity simulators allow for broader concepts to be learned.  These have the look of a patient but not the same depth of physiological response.  Finally, there are task trainers.  These are models that may have a portion of the patient’s anatomy that would be see during the particular task.  There is rarely automation and these are generally used for just a specific task, hence the name.

CMS can provide:

  • Learning objective development
  • Medical scenario development
    • High-fidelity patient simulator
    • Standardized patient
    • Task trainer
  • Debriefing plan development
  • Debriefing facilitation
  • Skill instruction/evaluation
  • HPU Department of Physician Assistant Studies
    • Clinical Decision Making series of courses
    • History and Physical series of courses
    • Pharmacology series of courses
  • HPU Department of Physical Therapy
  • HPU Department of Athletic Training
  • HPU School of Pharmacy
  • High Point Regional Health Center Department of Nursing
  • High Point Police Department
  • Guilford County EMS
  • NC State Police Agencies
  • Northwest Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
  • NC Academy of Physician Assistants (NCAPA)
  • Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
  • American Heart Association
  • Local Nursing Employees
  • Local High School and Middle School students
Medical Scenario Examples
Find out what simulations and scenarios you may find yourself in here at HPU.
Skill Instruction/Evaluation Examples
Discover what you will learn to prepare you for real world medical scenarios.
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