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The High Point University Physician Assistant Program is looking for individuals to be standardized patients (SP) to help train our physician assistant (PA) students. Standardized patients are people who play the role of a patient. PA students will practice their history taking skills, physical examination skills, and communication skills using real people like you! Standardized patients can be experienced actors, students, business people, or retired, with no acting experience.


The PA faculty will create a medical scenario for each case. As an SP, you will be given a medical history and details about your simulated life, such as occupation, marital status, and hobbies.

During an interaction with a student, the SP may:

  • Answer questions by the student regarding the illness
  • Undergo a limited physical examination
  • Assist students in developing their communication and clinical skills
  • Assist students in working through difficult emotional situations in a safe environment

SPs are paid an hourly stipend, and most sessions run from two to four hours.

We are looking for men and women of all ages, physical types, and backgrounds to represent the various types of patients they will be portraying.

If you are interested in participating as a Standardized Patient, please fill out the survey at the following link: SP Survey

We will be in contact with you when there are opportunities. To learn more about being a standardized patient, contact Professor Toni Jackson at