CASPA Participation

The High Point University PA Program participates in the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) beginning in April of each year. The next PA admissions class of students (Class of 2025) will begin studies in June 2023. All applicants applying for the Class of 2025 must apply online using the CASPA application.

Class of 2025 (enrolling June 2023) Application Deadline and Timeline

Final Deadline for a “complete” CASPA Application: October 1, 2022

The admissions committee will begin reviewing applications in late summer or early fall. The High Point University PA Program accepts candidates for admission on a modified-rolling basis. This means that applicants are chosen for interviews in an on-going fashion beginning in late summer or early fall, some typically even prior to our final application deadline.

HPU Program Admission Requirements include the following:

  1. Prerequisite Coursework
  2. Grade Point Averages (GPAs)
  3. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores
  4. Health Care Experience
  5. References
  6. Bachelor’s Degree Requirement
  7. Ability to perform the program-required Technical Standards (attestation required if offered admission)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the High Point University PA Program is aware that many things may affect the admission process for students during the upcoming cycle. While we understand COVID-19 may cause issues with meeting some of the admission criteria, it is important that we continue to uphold our mission and select students who will be successful in our program.

Updated policies for admission in lieu of COVID-19 pandemic are outlined on the  Admission Requirements page.

Assessing Applicants for Interview Consideration

Applicants are considered for an on-campus interview based on the relative strength of their CASPA application in meeting or exceeding the HPU PA Program Admission Requirements as compared against the applicant pool. Applicants who meet the minimum admissions requirements are considered for an on-campus interview based on the following aspects identified within their CASPA application:

  1. Cumulative Undergraduate GPA
  2. Cumulative Undergraduate Science GPA
  3. GRE Scores (Verbal and Quantitative)

High Point University Graduates

All High Point University graduates who meet the HPU PA Program Admission Requirements will be invited for an interview.

Candidate Interviews

Candidate interviews typically occur between September and February. *We plan to admit at least 65 candidates for the PA Class of 2025. Based on the number of applications typically received by the HPU PA Program (at least 1,000) it is anticipated that many applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements will not be selected for a candidate interview.

Candidate interview days will include two individual interviews, a program overview with informational session, discussion with current PA students, and a campus tour. The interview process assesses a candidate’s academic preparedness, exposure to the health care setting, understanding of the PA role, and possession of the non-cognitive attributes required for success as a future clinician. Non-cognitive factors evaluated at the interview include, but are not limited to: service orientation, social skills, cultural competence, teamwork, oral and written communication, ethical responsibility, reliability and dependability, resilience and adaptability, capacity for improvement, critical thinking, and quantitative, scientific, and ethical reasoning ability. As part of our modified-rolling admissions process, some candidates may be offered acceptance within three weeks after each interview date.

Candidates are chosen for admission based on the following:

  1. Cumulative Undergraduate GPA
  2. Cumulative Undergraduate Science GPA
  3. GRE Scores (Verbal and Quantitative)
  4. Healthcare Experience
  5. Interview Performance

Interviewing for the Active List

Each year after our candidate interview process is complete, we review the remaining applicant pool for high-quality applicants. Select applicants may be invited to campus to interview for an opportunity to be placed on the Program’s Active List. Applicants invited for Active List interviews are informed at the time of interview offer that they are presently not eligible for an open seat at the time of interview. However, applicants placed on the Active List may be considered for admission if an accepted student withdraws their acceptance.
The Active List interview day follows the same process and consideration for potential admission as our candidate interviews described above. If Active List interviews are offered during this admissions cycle, they will most likely happen in January or February. Based on the number of applications typically received by the Program it is anticipated that many applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements will not be selected for an Active List interview.

Notification of Acceptance or Alternate Status

We typically inform candidates of their acceptance status via phone calls within three weeks of their admission interview and confirm their acceptance and any conditional requirements via a Letter of Acceptance.

We typically inform candidates not offered acceptance into the program of their Active List status by the end of February and ask them to confirm their interest in being added to the Active List. Alternates may be accepted into the Class from the Active List as late as the beginning of PA classes in June.

Confirming Acceptance of Offer of Admission

All candidates accepted into the program will be charged a $1000 nonrefundable deposit to hold their seat. This money is due within 1-2 week(s) of notification and acceptance of offer and will be applied toward their first semester comprehensive fee upon matriculation.

Post-Acceptance Requirements

Once accepted into the HPU PA Program, the candidate must submit the following information or complete the following processes prior to matriculation. Each requirement and the associated program policies are described below. Details for completing the process are included in the candidate’s Letter of Acceptance.

  • Technical Standards Attestation
  • Health Information and Immunization Form
  • Background Check and Drug Screening
  • Documentation of Medical Terminology Course or Certificate Completion
  • Completion of Conditional Acceptance Requirements

Technical Standards Attestation

All students must meet the minimum technical standards necessary to achieve the knowledge, skills, and competencies required of an entry-level physician assistant. All candidates who are offered a seat in the program will be required to sign a statement attesting to their ability to meet our Technical Standards.

Health Information and Immunization

Accepted candidates must demonstrate compliance with the HPU PA Program Student Health Policy. This is accomplished through submitting verification of immunization, tuberculosis screening, and health insurance status to the CastleBranch compliance tracking system provided applicants following acceptance.

Background Check and Drug Screening

All conditionally admitted applicants to the High Point University Physician Assistant Studies (PAS) Program will be required to undergo criminal background and sex offender (CBSO) checks performed at least 45 days prior to matriculation. The offer of admission is conditional upon results of the background check. While enrolled, repeat background checks will be required annually, or more frequently, at the discretion of the clinical facility. If a conditionally admitted applicant declines to undergo the background check or if findings of a grievous nature are revealed, the offer of admission will be revoked. A copy of the CBSO check results will be made available to the applicants upon request. Other copies will be distributed as appropriate on a need-to-know basis. All applicants will sign a release form indicating that the program has the right to release appropriate information to clinical sites.

CBSO check results that limit the Program’s ability to secure clinical experiences may prevent a student from progressing in their didactic phase of study, being promoted to the clinical education phase, or being recommended for graduation. By accepting admission to the Program, applicants agree to submit to national criminal background checks, and also agree to pay expenses associated with this requirement.

Acceptance into and successful completion of the High Point University PAS Program does not imply or guarantee that the student will obtain state licensure upon graduation.

Completion of Conditional Acceptance Requirements

All conditional acceptance requirements must be completed by submitting the required evidence of completion as described in the Letter of Acceptance. Common conditional acceptance requirements include submission of official transcripts for all course work or degrees that have been completed since the prospective student’s program application was submitted to CASPA to demonstrate compliance with meeting the program’s GPA, bachelor’s degree, and prerequisite course requirements. In addition, official AP test scores confirming a score of 4 or 5 may be requested for students who fulfilled specific prerequisites through AP coursework.

Statement of Receipt and Understanding of Institutional and Program Policies

The HPU PA Program clearly communicates its Program Policies to prospective students and accepted students on the Program Policies  webpage.

In addition, all University and Program policies will be provided to students during program orientation where they review and sign the Statement of Receipt and Understanding of Institutional and Program Policies.

Student Employment

HPU PA Program does not permit its students to work (paid or voluntary) for the PA Program. The Program strongly discourages students from being employed while enrolled and does not make exceptions or alterations to required course work, scheduling, or rotation assignments for individual students due to employment. Employment status while in the program will not be used to excuse absence from scheduled learning activities, justify poor performance, or be considered as a mitigating factor when assessing students’ academic and professional progress. During supervised clinical experiences, students may not substitute for clinical or administrative staff and must ensure all services provided to patients are directly supervised.

Academic and Professionalism Expectations

Requirements for academic and professional performance can be found in the following policies:

Academic Performance Professionalism and Progression Policy

Harassment and Student Grievances Policy

HPU DPAS Student Participation Agreement

The HPU PA Program is based on an experiential learning philosophy that requires active student participation as described in our
Student Role in Classroom and SCPEs Policy