We share these key program features that make us unique to help you make an informed decision regarding joining the HPU team!

Students First

We believe students are active stakeholders in the HPU PA Program and benefit from: innovative and stimulating learning experiences; mentoring relationships with accessible and responsive faculty; small student-to-faculty ratios; and feedback and support for professional development. Putting students first means that the PA faculty’s first goal is to provide support in maximizing the students’ educational experience through modeling the role of compassionate health care providers dedicated to lifelong learning. Students and faculty partner in a lifelong-learning process by sharing different levels of knowledge, skills and life experiences thus equipping students with the attributes required of successful health care providers.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning opportunities occur within an organ-system-based, integrated curriculum that supports student assimilation and mastery of the skills necessary to care for patients and improve patient outcomes within their practices and communities.

Our program promotes adult learning through experiences including: medical simulation and the use of high-fidelity simulators, standardized patients, task trainers; problem-based, case-based, and team-based learning; and other emerging technologies such as a student accessible electronic health record.

Preparing the Health Care Provider of the Future

HPU PA students learn the knowledge, values, and communication skills necessary to develop teams and collaborate within an interprofessional health care environment. These same principles create a collaborative and dynamic learning environment where students thrive.

Starting with the “Health Care Provider of the Future” in mind ensures our graduates are prepared for the ever changing health care environment through development of their ability to collaborate, lead, and maximize the use of health information technology in the delivery of efficient and effective patient-centered, evidence-based, cost-conscious care.

Preparing healthcare professionals for the world as it is going to be SM