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Project Discovery is a place for Undeclared students at High Point University to find their passion and purpose in life. Being Undeclared is an extraordinary way to start your college career because there are so many opportunities to experience. Through exploration, the use of resources, and support, you can discover the right major for YOU.

Why It’s Okay to Arrive Undeclared

Every student who arrives to college doesn’t necessarily have their next four years figured out. Knowing your life plan at 17, 18, 19 years old doesn’t happen for everybody; in fact, it doesn’t happen for most. Undeclared has historically been the second most popular major for incoming classes at HPU. So, don’t worry! You are in good company. Know that each student decides their major and course of action at his or her own pace. Our Student Success team will work with you during your journey from Undeclared to celebrating your choice of major.

The Benefits of Beginning College Undeclared 

You Can Explore the University’s Entire Offering of Majors and Minors. You will have the opportunity to explore your interests through exploratory courses and come out at the end of your college experience with a lot more under your belt than people who go in with a single focus. You have the opportunities to build relationships with different professors and test out different fields of study, which can help you declare your major/minor, but even decide on if/why you should study abroad.

You Can Still Graduate on Time. According to recent research, Undeclared students who decide on a major within two years of attending are more likely to graduate in four years than students who never changed their major while attending college.  By meeting regularly with the Student Success team, Undeclared students at HPU are able to track their progress to graduation regularly and make sound decisions on registration plans throughout their freshman and sophomore years of study.

You Can Gain Beneficial Skills Needed by Future Employers.  Undeclared students will gain the vital toolkit of skills that employers in the workforce seek from HPU students such as: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Problem-Solving, Communication, Data Analysis, and Global Competency.

Who Will Help?

At HPU, there are three Student Success Coaches who specialize in working with Undeclared students to ensure their academic and social success, while also guiding them in their journey through Project Discovery to declaring a major within three semesters. Below are the coaches dedicated to Undeclared students at HPU.

Lindsey Griffin, M.A.

(336) 841-9781
Serves as Student Success Coach for Undeclared students with last names A-F
 Megan Whitcomb headshotMegan Whitcomb

(336) 841-9481
Serves as Student Success Coach for Undeclared students with last names G-M
Rebecca MarriagaRebecca Marriaga, M.Div.

(336) 841-9798
Serves as Student Success Coach for Undeclared Students Last Names N-Z

Knowing Where You Are On Your Path to Discovery

Find out more about the various types of Undeclared students.

What Steps Can I Take to Find a Major?

Visit this page for a comprehensive list of resources and suggestions to discover your major.