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Jun 07th, 2022

Reflections of Japan

Photographs by Dr. Morton W. Huber with Prints of ‘The Floating World’

This exhibition highlights the long, passionate, and artistically fruitful relationship Dr. Morton W. Huber and his wife Kyoko Huber have cultivated with the country of Japan and celebrates Dr. Huber’s artistic legacy as a chronicler and collector of Japanese history and culture.

Exhibition Statement by Dr. Morton W. Huber

Long, long ago. . . . .
when the earth was enveloped in thick mists, the god and goddess Iznagi and Izanami looked down from the Bridge of Heaven and, surveying the broad Pacific, they dipped their spears into the swirling waters. Magically the salty drops that fell back created  the Islands of Japan.

Izanagi and Isanami gave birth to a large number of spirit beings, and soon brought into the world the goddess of the sun, Amaterasu,  and the deity of the moon, Tsuku. All sovereigns to rule Japan would descend from Amaterasu.

Dr. Morton W. Huber, 2019