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Modern marketers have marketing channels and tools above and beyond those of any other era in marketing or advertising history. Everything is dynamic – brands are changing, audiences are evolving, competition is increasing, buyers are smarter, attention spans are diminishing, and media channels are exploding. Effective marketing today is about blending the best of the old with the advantages of the new to create brands “with a soul” and staunch advocates to help propel your brand.

The Phillips School of Business’s minor in Social Media Marketing gives students exciting practical experiences that immerse them in the full range of marketing topics in the new social media spectrum; experiences and learnings that will help them develop strategies that can propel a brand and deliver results in the form of return on investment.

Minor in Social Media Marketing
Minor in Social Media Marketing
Minor Requirements Credits
Total 20
Requirements for Minor in Social Media Marketing
Requirements for Minor in Social Media Marketing
Course Course Title Credits
COM 1113 Graphic Software Packages 2
MKT 2110, STC 2225 Principles of Marketing and Personal Selling or Foundations of Strategic Communication 4
MKT 4100 Social Media Marketing Strategy 4
STC 2260 Agency Practicum 2
SME 4345 Social Media and Analytics 4
SME 4725 Applied Social Media 4
Course Descriptions