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Students enrolled in the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication (NQSC) have access to a diverse array of production technologies, from dedicated computer labs to production studio space to a staffed and stocked equipment room for use with all manner of multimedia projects.  The resources in the NQSC are an integral part of our student-focused curriculum designed to provide students with personal, hands-on experiences that will prepare them for careers in the professional world of communication across a wide variety of majors.

The broadcast studios provide a real-world laboratory for students exploring careers in the broadcast, corporate media, and television news industries.  The studios underwent a complete renovation in the summer of 2017, and now boast network-caliber equipment and facilities that complement the curriculum of NQSC.  The studio suite is comprised of two studio areas and a central control room.  Each studio space includes full professional lighting grids and controls.  Studio A is over 1,300 ft2 and includes a fully functional news set, green-screen wall, and production monitors.  Studio A supports weekly student newscasts, class sessions, and independent student productions.  Studio B is 800 ft2 and acts as a flexible studio area supporting class instruction and independent student productions.

The Central Control Room provides access and control for both studios.  The studios include four HD broadcast-caliber cameras with professional CueScript prompting systems.  The heart of the control room is an integrated Ross Video Switcher, Media Server, and Graphics system.  Ross Video is a world leader providing television control systems to entertainment and news programming like The Voice, Emmy & Grammy Awards, American Idol, and more.  The equipment and facilities in the TV Studios are designed to create an integrated learning environment for students interested in production, producing, directing, and on-camera performance.  Programming from the NQSC TV Studio can be streamed “live” to Facebook and YouTube providing a worldwide audience for HPU student productions.

The Miriam and Steve Kimsey Game and Interactive Media Lab has had several recent updates, including a renovated $250,000 video wall and an investment of over $50,000 in updating the computers to MSI Aegis V3 gaming rigs (256GB SSD & 3TB HDs, i7700 processor, 32GB system RAM, and NVIDIA GTX 1070 GPUs).  Students have access to an OptiTrack Motion Capture system, virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, and a game library that features consoles from the Atari Video Computer System through Xbox One.  This space also supports both the Video Game Club and the Game Development Club as well as a growing eSports scene.

The NQSC provides an additional four computer labs (two featuring primarily Windows-based Dell systems and two with Apple Macintoshes) used for instruction during the day and projects at night.  One lab also supports the Survey Research Center (SRC) as it conducts high quality public affairs and social science research using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods.  An editing suite also complements the computer labs, providing additional audio/video editing resources.

In the equipment room, students can check out Panasonic 4K cameras complemented by a host of support gear including from Samson Concert 88 wireless kits, iKan IB508v2 LED light kits, Tascam DR-40 handheld audio recorders, and a variety of microphones (Sennheizer, Behringer, Shure).  Other cameras – ranging from GoPro Hero 3+ to DJI Osmo to BlackMagic Pocket Cinema to RED Camera – give students the opportunity to use many different types of gear to craft their projects.  Those with an eye for adventure can even take the DJI Phanton 2 Vision+ Drone for a spin.

Exhibition of student work is just as important as production, and the Screening Room within the NQSC provides a space for the public dissemination and analysis of student projects.




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