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The Student Advisory Board is comprised of student representatives from each sequence within the Communication major.  Students are nominated by faculty members and serve one-year terms. The board’s primary duty is to provide input into improving the operations and curriculum for the School of Communication. Board members will also assist with Admissions events, meet with our Dean’s Advisory Council, and participate in School activities as requested by faculty.

Advisory Board Members

President: Emmy Beck-Aden
Vice President: Josh Noel
Secretary: Faith Foushee
Production Chair: Nicolette DeMarco
Events Chair: Emily Anderson
Publicity Chair: Saige Henderson

Members: Ashley Russell, Wesley Wilson, Taylor Richards, Savanna Strickland, Sarabeth Skeen, Shanice Gamble, Riley Manion, Rhianna Dozier, Nicholas Masalleras, Nahed Eltantawy, Nicole Butterworth, Mikayla Smith, Myles Brown, Lizzy Eisenhardt, Kathy Xiao, Kristen Sasso, Kristen Este, Joe Maronski, Jonathan Jackson, Isaiah Hardy, Halle Nichols, Haley Meers, Harris Eisenberg, Grant Hines, Elizabeth Bado, Dihandra Williams, David Kleinschuster, Danielle Glendenning, Brian Murphy, Bella Caruso, Ava Stavridis, Alex Gibson, Aliya Feggins, Lily Wright, Tyler Schmitt