The Wilfred Tremblay Leadership AwardEmily Beck-Aden
Outstanding ScholarshipColin Clothier
Outstanding Professional EngagementPeter Stratta
Outstanding ProductionM. Boyer
Graduate Student ExemplarMorgan Banker
Outstanding Master's StudentDan Burniston
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentEmily Scott
Alumnus of the YearMatt Wells
Friend of the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication Dave Goren


The Wilfred Tremblay Leadership AwardKacey Ruben
Outstanding ScholarshipAshlyne McComb
Outstanding Professional EngagementLogan Carter
Outstanding ProductionJennifer Brammer
Service Learning AwardLiv Young
Graduate Student ExemplarCourtney Kerr
Outstanding Master's StudentAmy Minemier
Graduate Student Professional EngagementErin Murphy
Graduate Student Production SkillsMadison Reynolds
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentAmy Minemier
Alumnus of the YearJim Scott
Friend of the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication Lenora Billings-Harris


The Wilfred Tremblay Leadership AwardMitch Rissmiller
Outstanding ScholarshipCourtney Kerr
Outstanding ScholarshipMitch Rissmiller
Outstanding Professional EngagementCassandra Diaz
Outstanding Professional EngagementKevin McMahon
Outstanding Professional EngagementJenn Zeleski
Outstanding ProductionLogan Carter
Service Learning AwardJulia Fiedler
Graduate Student ExemplarAshley Russell
Outstanding Master's StudentAnna Sarnelli
Graduate Student Professional EngagementJulee Mitsler
Graduate Student Production SkillsNick Blair
Graduate Student Production SkillsCory Wilson
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentCourtney Kerr
Alumnus of the YearPam Haynes
Friend of the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication Jim Himes


The Wilfred Tremblay Leadership AwardAlex Archuleta
Nick Blair
Outstanding ScholarshipSydney Cheuvront
Anna Sarnelli
Outstanding Professional EngagementJennifer Zeleski
Outstanding ProductionHeather Frankel
Dan St. Germain
Graduate Student ExemplarCayla Guzewski
Outstanding Master's StudentKennedy Currie
Graduate Student Professional EngagementRachel Callaway
Graduate Student Production SkillsAshley Russell
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentCorinne Eckert
Alumnus of the YearMegan Garafola


The Wilfred Tremblay Leadership AwardCorinne Eckert
Outstanding ScholarshipKira Foglesong
Outstanding Professional EngagementCorinne Eckert
Outstanding ProductionRyan Long
Pulitzer Center International Reporting FellowshipTaylor Lord
Service Learning AwardDante Armstrong, Manning Franks
Graduate Student ExemplarCorinne Eckert
Outstanding Master's StudentBrianna Glenn
Graduate Student Professional EngagementMpumi Nobiva
Graduate Student Production SkillsTaylor Strange
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentKevonna Hayes-Kennedy


Outstanding ScholarshipNicole Forman
Outstanding Professional EngagementMayeesa Mitchell
Outstanding ProductionPam Sullivan
Pulitzer Center International Reporting FellowshipHolly Gambrell
Service Learning AwardGrace Weaver
Graduate Student ExemplarKelsey Smith
Outstanding Master's StudentHalima Tankari
Graduate Student Professional EngagementNancy Johnston
Graduate Student Production SkillsJacinda Ortiz
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentGaitry Aruwani


Outstanding ScholarshipLindsay Christel
Outstanding Professional EngagementMichael Shield
Outstanding ProductionOlivia Bruner
Service Learning AwardHaley Slone
Graduate Student ExemplarAshlea Jones
Outstanding Master's StudentDoug Peninger
Graduate Student Professional EngagementMelody Emerson
Graduate Student Production SkillsMeaghan McRee
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentSarah Belle Tate


Outstanding ScholarshipSam Kizer, Amy Stamm
Outstanding Professional EngagementKevin Russell
Outstanding ProductionEd Harlin, Henry Molski
Pulitzer Center International Reporting FellowshipBritton Nagy
Graduate Student ExemplarTyler Yusko
Outstanding Master's StudentChristina Swaim
Graduate Student Professional EngagementKarole Johnson
Graduate Student Production SkillsJessica Liverman
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentTanisha Harris


Outstanding ScholarshipLenae' Frazier, Brittany Melvin
Outstanding Professional EngagementSteven Haller
Outstanding ProductionPatrick Stein, Sarah Roof
Pulitzer Center International Reporting FellowshipHenry Molski
Graduate Student ExemplarBrent Starling
Outstanding Master's StudentMatthew Ritter
Graduate Student Professional EngagementStephanie Cook
Graduate Student Production SkillsKathryn Drinkuth
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentMatthew Ritter


Outstanding ScholarshipKelsey Hinchliffe
Outstanding Professional EngagementAndrew Faust
Outstanding ProductionAdam Keelan
Pulitzer Center International Reporting FellowshipAndrew Faust
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentKathryn Drinkuth


Outstanding ScholarshipAndrew Tzavaras
Outstanding Professional EngagementMatt Wells
Outstanding ProductionNicole Lamarca
National Communication Association Outstanding StudentMatt Wells


Outstanding ScholarshipLisa Chandler
Outstanding ProductionJen Paolino


Outstanding ScholarshipCandace Walker
Outstanding Professional EngagementBryan Rothamel, Pam Haynes
Outstanding ProductionCaitlin Bonner