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Thank you for your interest in the Webb School of Engineering at High Point University.

Whether you are a curious high school student imagining a possible future, or a community member thinking of changing your career, the Webb School of Engineering has much to offer you, including a warm welcome and  a supportive, collaborative environment in which to grow.

Through our innovative programs, the Webb School of Engineering at High Point University works to create a synergistic relationship between practitioners, researchers and innovators. Our students are equipped for the workforce because they have ample opportunities in the Piedmont Triad to put their learning into practice by doing – as student researchers in our Research Rookies program, as engineers offering solutions within internships with companies like BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC, as competitors in national challenges with esteemed organizations such as the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) or by engaging with our vibrant community partners. Today, we offer programs in computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering. Future offerings under consideration include programs in information technology, cybersecurity, mechanical and aerospace engineering, mechatronics, civil and environmental engineering, and industrial engineering.

I am confident you will find that High Point University provides a value unmatched in education today. I know you have choice on where you seek educational opportunities, so I thank you for your interest in our engineering program. Consider visiting our beautiful campus and meeting with your Admissions counselor addition to professional knowledge.


Best regards,

Michael Oudshoorn, Ph.D.

Founding Dean, Webb School of Engineering