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It is an exciting time for the Webb School of Engineering and the Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science. We welcomed the first class of students to our Engineering program, and the Computer Science program will be introducing a Cybersecurity concentration.

The School is led by Founding Dean, Dr. Michael Oudshoorn, and the departments by Dr. Claire McCullough and Dr. Will Suchan, respectively.

The Webb School of Engineering and its outstanding Faculty team strive to offer a competitive curriculum and the latest in cutting edge technology, software, and tools to give our students a full breadth of knowledge that will prepare them for the world as it is going to be.

In the 2019-2020 school year, we experienced many exciting developments as the Computer Science Cybersecurity lab and the Engineering Maker Spaces came to life with technology, equipment, and an inspiring visit from the High Point University Innovator in Residence, Steve Wozniak.  We look back fondly and warmly on these memories as we transitioned smoothly to a temporary online learning community for the Spring semester. We excitedly await the return of our continuing students and welcome our newly admitted students to campus.

Innovation SummitSteve WozniakFebruary 10, 2020Innovation SummitSteve WozniakFebruary 10, 2020

Innovation SummitSteve WozniakFebruary 10, 2020Innovation SummitSteve WozniakFebruary 10, 2020

Students who wish to participate in Engineering programs other than Electrical or Computer Engineering, can choose the 3-2 program. Students must first complete one semester of suggested courses and meet the following requirements at the end of the first semester:

  • take the required courses for the anticipated field of engineering
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • have no grade lower than a B in any Math, Science, or Computer Science course

Engineering is a mathematically intensive discipline. All of the recommended 3-2 courses of study begin with Calculus I in the first semester of the freshman year and, at a minimum, include three semesters of calculus, and a semester each of linear algebra and differential equations. Some semesters may require a load greater than 18 credit hours. Additional tuition must be paid for each additional credit hour above 18. Alternatively, some of the required courses can be taken in summer school. Because of the heavy load of courses that need to be completed in three years, you should expect to attend summer school.

Mathematics Requirements

Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and 3-2 students are required to take the following courses in mathematics:

  • Mathematics for Engineers I* (prerequisite B- or higher in Pre-calculus or placement)
  • Mathematics for Engineers II (prerequisite B or higher** in Mathematics for Engineers I)
  • Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics I (prerequisite B or higher** in Mathematics for Engineers II )
  • Linear Algebra (prerequisite Mathematics for Engineers I)
  • Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics II (prerequisites: Mathematics for Engineers II and Linear Algebra)

Some fields of engineering may require more mathematics courses.

*At a minimum, students must take Mathematics for Engineers I their first semester at HPU. If a student does not place into Mathematics for Engineers I, students must take Pre-calculus during the summer prior to freshman year.

**The prerequisite set by the Department of Mathematics is a C or higher. However, in order to continue in the 3-2 Engineering program, you may not receive a grade lower than a C in any math course.

Transfer Requirements

At the end of three years of study at HPU, a student must meet the following requirements in order to transfer to our partner engineering school:

  • Cumulative GPA Requirement: Virginia Tech 3.0
  • Math/Science/Computer Science GPA requirement: minimum 3.0
  • No grade lower than a C in any Math, Science or Computer Science course
  • Obtain recommendation from the pre-engineering advisor
  • Virginia Tech requires applicants to take two introductory engineering courses on their campus during the summer between the 1st and 2nd years or between the 2nd and 3rd years in the program

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The High Point Admissions Office is Located in Wrenn Hall.

Tours are available 7 days a week. Please contact us to schedule your visit.

(800) 345-6993
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