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The goal of the Standardized Client Program is to help student pharmacists become exceptional pharmacists with hands-on practice in a safe learning environment.  


22.08.29 high point university wilson pharmacy school man with pharmacy tech


A Standardized Client (SC) is an individual who is trained to portray the role of a patient, caregiver, or provider when interacting with student pharmacists. This allows pharmacy students to practice patient history-taking skills, communications skills, counseling skills, and other exercises that simulate office or hospital visits. 


The Standardized Client Program at FWSOP is embedded within the Skills Lab courses and is an essential part of the pharmacy curriculum. Students will participate in 6-8 SC encounters (cases) per semester and will be assessed on clinical knowledge and communication skills. SC encounters include formative individual cases throughout the semester and summative Obstructive Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) at the end of the semester.


22.08.29 high point university wilson pharmacy school client with pharmaceutical tech

SC Encounter:

Students interact with SCs to complete the objectives of each case. During this interaction time, students may perform various activities including, but not limited to patient interviews, assessment of medical conditions or medication-related problems, recommendation of non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapies, patient education counseling, and verification of patient understanding.

22.08.29 high point university wilson pharmacy school man with pharmaceutical tech

Student Feedback and Reflective Learning Activities:

Immediately following the encounter students will receive constructive feedback from the SC on the overall experience, communication, and other soft skills. Students may be asked to write a drug order, answer questions about key points of the case, and/or self-assess and reflect on their performance. Small group debriefing sessions may also occur which allows students to discuss the case, share successes and challenges, and learn from one another.

This awesome learning experience helps our students be ‘practice-ready’ upon graduation.

If interested in being part of this exciting learning experience, please read the additional information and complete the application form: