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Admission Factors – Academic

  • Overall Prepharmacy GPA (cumulative)
  • Core GPA (science and math)
  • PCAT results (highest composite score)

Admission Factors – Non-Academic

  • Leadership Experience
  • Pharmacy Practice Experience
  • Other Employment Experience
  • Letters of Reference
  • Interview Performance
  • Written Communication Skill
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Diversity

Technical Standards

Candidates for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree at High Point University must be able to perform the essential functions in each of the following categories as described in AJPE 2011:75(3) Article 50. Professional Technical Standards in Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy by Berry et al. These standards fall in one of the five following general categories:

1. Observation: Use of the sense of vision
2. Communication: Speech, reading, and writing
3. Psychomotor Skills: Physical ability and coordination
4. Intellect: Ability to problem-solve
5. Behavioral and Social Attributes: Emotional stability and stamina

The School of Pharmacy recognizes that individuals may vary in their abilities regarding these functions and the School is committed to supporting it’s students in order for them to compete their course of study. If you feel you are unable to meet these technical standards you are encouraged prior to application to discuss your disability with the pharmacy advisor and the Director of Disability Support at HPU in order to determine whether or not reasonable accommodations can be made. Students pursuing the academic program who lack the ability to appropriately comply with these standards and who do not seek accommodations may place themselves in academic jeopardy.

Students are responsible for providing transportation to and from experiential sites.

Students must own and bring a laptop computer to classes and exams each day. While either a PC or Apple can be used, a recent Apple is strongly recommended.

Contact Dr. Michael Mueller, Assistant Dean for Student and Professional Affairs with any questions about this information at