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Completion of the Pharm.D. degree requires students to complete the Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy’s 65 credit hour undergraduate pre-professional curriculum and it’s 152 credit hour professional curriculum. High Point University School of Pharmacy is a transfer-friendly professional program. We encourage students completing prepharmacy coursework at other colleges/universities to consider applying to HPU for their pharmacy education. Please contact Dr. Michael Mueller, Assistant Dean for Student and Professional Affairs, with questions on the Application Process page.


Pre-professional Transfers:

Students admitted to the School of Pharmacy who have completed their pre-professional coursework at another university may transfer up to 65 pre-professional credit hours to meet program graduation requirements. See for complete application process.


Professional Transfers:

If space is available in a given cohort, the School of Pharmacy will consider up to 36.5 transfer credits for the first year of the professional program based on course equivalency.

Students who wish to transfer into the High Point University School of Pharmacy from another ACPE-accredited pharmacy program must:

  • Submit a letter to the Associate Dean of Student and Professional Affairs stating their desire to transfer.
  • Submit an official transcript and request that PCAT scores be sent to the High Point University School of Pharmacy.
  • Request that a letter be sent from the Dean of the student’s current school to the Dean of the High Point University School of Pharmacy stating whether or not the student is in good professional and academic standing and is eligible to continue at that institution.
  • Meet the HPU SOP’s pre-pharmacy course requirements and meet current admission standards.

If the student meets these requirements, he or she will interview with the Dean and Associate Dean as well as selected members of the Admissions Committee. Upon consulting with the Associate Dean and members of the Admissions Committee, the committee will decide whether or not the transfer will be allowed. The Associate Dean will communicate the decision to the Dean’s Office at the school from which the student is transferring.

In determining course equivalency, most courses from an ACPE-accredited institution in which a grade of “C” or above is earned will be considered for acceptance. Because of the differences in pharmacy curricula and course content at pharmacy schools, some or all credit for courses may not transfer at the same professional level and, therefore, the transferring student may not be eligible for the same professional standing at HPU that the student has at his/her current school. In order to determine the equivalency of courses, the applicant shall submit the syllabi of all courses attempting to be transferred. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will receive the syllabi and consult with the appropriate department chairs to determine course equivalence. The Associate Dean will provide the recommendations regarding course equivalence to the Admissions Committee for a final decision. The Associate Dean will communicate the decision to the Dean’s Office at the school from which the student is transferring.