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How do I instruct my 529 plan administrator to pay High Point University?  

Each plan administrator manages their plan differently.  The simplest instructions are to have the plan pay High Point University directly, making the check payable to High Point University and mailing it to One University Parkway, High Point, NC, 27268, to the attention of Student Accounts.  The student name and ID number must be included with the payment, as well as an indication of which semester the payment covers.

Prepaid Tuition Plans

Prepaid Tuition Plans (Florida Prepaid, Alabama Prepaid, Illinois, etc) may require specific billing invoices to be sent to their attention in order to release funds to High Point University for tuition expenses.  You will need to notify your prepaid program of the college choice the student has made.  Most of these institutions will send HPU a roster of students participating in that particular program for us to manually invoice to receive those funds.  However, it is always helpful for Student Accounts to receive information from the student that they are partially covered by one of these programs as well. If you have questions about your prepaid plan and the procedures, please contact those institutions directly to make sure they have the necessary information on file for your student attending High Point University.

You may also contact the Office of Student Accounts at 336-841-9259 with questions about your 529 or prepaid tuition plans.