All 1098T forms are mailed to the student home address the last week in January.   Click here to view or print your 1098T.

If you did not receive a 1098T form, it could be because:

  1.  You have not provided High Point University, Office of Student Accounts with a social security card, therefore no form will be created.
  2.  You are not a US citizen, therefore High Point University is not required to send a 1098T form.
  3.  You have a different mailing address than the one on file with the Registrar’s office.

The 1098T form is informational only.  It is a good starting point but it does not contain all of the information needed to claim a tax credit. Most of the information needed must come from the student’s personal financial records of what the student paid during the calendar year. Each taxpayer and his or her tax advisor must make the final determination of qualifying expenses.

If you need additional information, contact us via email at