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Why Summer? Summer Sessions at HPU offer you the opportunity to advance your degree, explore your interests, and improve your GPA.

Registration for HPU Summer Online, Summer Session I and II opens at same time as Fall registration.

Undergraduate HPU Summer Online (June 5 – July 28, 2023)
Undergraduate Session I (June 5  – June 30, 2023)
Undergraduate Session II (July 3 – July 28, 2023)

Students may register for up to 16 credit hours during the summer; however students may only register for 12 credit hours for the HPU Summer Online session.

HPU Students may repeat courses in either Session I, Session II or during HPU Summer Online to improve their GPA. Only courses graded with a C or below may be repeated.  Courses may not be repeated away from HPU.

Current High Point University students must be in good academic standing (2.00 GPA or better) in order to enroll in HPU Summer Online Courses.

Course offerings with fewer than 4 students are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.  If you have any questions, please contact the professor of the course before you make plans to attend.

Tuition and Fees
1. Per credit hour charge for HPU SUMMER ONLINE, Summer Sessions I and II will be $970 [4 credit course = $3880]
2. Technology fee will be $210.00 per session.
3. On campus Housing: Room & Board charge will be $3109/single or $2119/double [roommate must be designated] per session.
4. Activity fee charge will be $127 per session [not charged for students only doing HPU SUMMER online].

Any previous balances due must be paid before you can register and pay for summer school. Check the Student Account Center for any balances due. These are payable by calling 336-841-9259.

Student Account Center


HOT reasons for you to take HPU courses this summer:

  • Small class sizes
  • Flexible schedule, 3 different terms
  • Courses taken at HPU calculate into your GPA. Courses taken away do not!
  • Most courses away are only worth 3 credits, while courses taken through HPU receive the full 4 credits.
  • You may repeat a course during summer school to stay on track for graduation and redeem your GPA. Only courses graded with a C- or below may be repeated.  Courses may not be repeated away from HPU.
  • The length of a summer class is much shorter than the same course offered during the fall or spring semester. This allows you to get through a class quickly.
  • Fewer students attend summer classes. This means smaller class sizes and potentially more attention from professors for those who attend. The class may feel more intimate and laid back.
  • Summer classes begin shortly after the spring semester ends, you avoid a long gap in your learning. Summer coursework keeps you in the groove of studying and attending class. You have the option of completing prerequisite classes during the summer so that you can register for more advanced classes in the fall for continuity in your degree program.  This enables you to focus your attention on a particular subject instead of splitting your time between four or more classes.
  • HPU offers online courses.  This is a great way to stay in school and be at home for the summer.  HPU online courses count toward your GPA, outside online courses do not.