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Withdrawal From High Point University

When a student registers, it is for the full term or semester. Therefore, if the student withdraws from the University during the period, for whatever reason, the comprehensive fee, plus any additional housing investment, will be prorated weekly over the first seven weeks of the semester. After the seventh week, 100% of the comprehensive fee will be charged and no refund will be issued.

Any refund is contingent on a student’s officially withdrawing from school. To officially withdraw from school, a student must complete the withdrawal form below.

Withdrawal Form

Students wishing to withdraw should also consult with the Office of Student Financial Planning to determine if stipulations associated with the financial aid package will lead to changes in the financial statement.

Please click on the link below corresponding to the student’s Fall 2020 housing assignment tier:

Fall 2020 Commuter Withdrawal Table

Fall 2020 Tier 1 Withdrawal Table

Fall 2020 Tier 2 Withdrawal Table

Fall 2020 Tier 3 Withdrawal Table

Fall 2020 Tier 4 Withdrawal Table

Fall 2020 Tier 5 Withdrawal Table

Please contact our office at 336-841-9259 for more information regarding calculation of prorated charges.


The Student Accounts Office is Located on the first floor of Roberts Hall.

(336) 841-9259
(336) 888-6384 (fax)