As most medications used currently to treat ADHD/ADD are controlled substances, getting prescriptions from home medical providers can prove to be challenging for some students. In order to help with this, our medical providers at Student Health Services can assist in prescription refills for some students if certain criteria are met. Due to the known issues with overuse of these controlled prescription medications, exceptions cannot be made to the requirements.

HPU Student Health Services does not provide visits to diagnose ADHD/ADD or initiate treatment.
We do have several local physicians in our community that will see students for this concern, order appropriate testing, and initiate medication treatment if needed. We can assist in the referral process.

Required information:

1. Copy of the initial testing done resulting in a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD
2. Most recent office visit note from current medical provider who is prescribing medication for ADHD/ADD which must include:

  • Current medication(s) and dose
  • Date last seen, and when follow up appointment is expected
  • Documentation by medical provider that patient is stable with current treatment

Please complete and return the medical release form.

3. Please have copies of subsequent office visit notes from current medical provider (who is prescribing medication for ADHD/ADD) forwarded to HPU Student Health Services as they occur. This will give Student Health providers documentation that ongoing treatment is continued with the home primary provider. This will need to be done during the summer break in order to continue to get prescription refills for the following school year.

Please provide information to:

High Point University Student Health Services by Novant Health
One University Parkway
Campus Box 50
High Point, North Carolina 27268
Phone (336) 841-4683
Fax: (336) 841-4693

This information is protected under HIPAA and is strictly confidential. We do not share this with other HPU Departments including the Department of Academic Development without a signed request. If you have already submitted this information to another HPU Department, they will not provide us with a copy without a specific request to do so.

Initiation of Prescribing:
Once all the required information has been received, the student will need an initial evaluation at HPU Student Health Services with one of our providers. These appointments can be scheduled by calling or stopping by Student Health Services. Our medical providers will perform a brief exam including taking blood pressure and weight, and if appropriate prescribe a written 30 day supply of medication. Follow up evaluations are required every 6 months. We can forward documentation of these visits to the outside primary medical provider upon request.

It is the student’s responsibility to take the written prescription to a local pharmacy to have filled. Controlled substances cannot be faxed to local pharmacies, and they cannot be delivered to Student Health Services by Deep River Drug.

Refilling medication:
Students should call HPU Student Health Services to request a refill at least 24 hours in advance, prior to presenting to pick up prescription.

We will not provide more than one prescription in a 30 day period regardless of reason.