Student Health Services will administer allergy injections for students who currently are under the care of an outside allergist and actively receiving these injections at this outside office. We require documentation from the treating physician that includes specific directions and dosing schedule for the allergy serum. This information can be faxed to Student Health Services at (336) 841-4693.

Hours: Administration of allergy injections is currently offered at Student Health on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8am to 11am; 2pm to 4pm.

Appointments: The student is responsible for presenting to Student Health in accordance with their recommended dosing schedule. They will need to make an appointment. They will be required to wait at Student Health for 20 minutes (or longer if required by allergy office) after each injection to monitor for possible local or systemic reactions.

Missed doses: If a scheduled allergy injection is missed, we will not administer any allergy serum dose until the treating physician’s office is contacted and new dosing orders are obtained directly from them. As this can often take some time to do, for the convenience of the student it is recommended that they contact us at Student Health regarding the missed dose either by phone (336) 841-4683 or by email at prior to coming to our clinic. We will contact the ordering physician, and when new instructions are confirmed we will contact the student so that we can resume administration of their allergy injections.

Transportation of Serum: It is the sole responsibility of the student to transport their serum to and from our office. We are able to store it while the student is on campus and while we are administering the allergy injections, but during breaks, holidays or at the end of the school year when the student returns home, the student is responsible for transporting the serum home with them. Student Health Services will not ship serum for any reason.