HPU Student Health Services Dispensing Pharmacy

Student Health Services has a small dispensing pharmacy on site. This pharmacy is an extension of Archdale Drug, a local retail pharmacy that has worked and supported our HPU community since 2001. Medications from this pharmacy can only be prescribed and dispensed by the medical providers at Student Health. We are not able to fill outside prescriptions from our pharmacy.

Archdale Drug will bill for any medications dispensed. It is extremely important that each student has correct insurance information on file with Student Health. Student Health Services will forward any current insurance information to Archdale Drug and they will bill the student’s insurance for the prescriptions obtained. Any co-payments, deductibles, and /or non-covered medications will be billed directly from Archdale Drug to the student’s passport card or to HPU Student Accounts for payment. If you prefer to have these charges billed in a different manner (direct mail, Flexible Spending Account, etc…), please contact Archdale Drug to make these arrangements. Please contact Archdale Drug for any questions regarding billing or insurance.

Archdale Drug
11220 North Main Street
Archdale, North Carolina 27263
Phone: (336) 434-2776
Fax: (336) 434-5441

All students seen at Student Health have a choice in how they want to obtain their medications. If the medication is available in our dispensing pharmacy, we can dispense it at the time of the visit as discussed above. However, if the student wishes to have the prescription medication faxed to a local pharmacy or printed, we can do this at their request.

Deep River Drug is a local pharmacy that delivers non-controlled prescriptions Monday – Friday to High Point University Student Health at no charge. Please contact Deep River Drug to notify them that you are a High Point University student, to provide them with your health and prescription insurance information for billing purposes, to arrange other payment arrangements, and to request that they deliver the medication to Student Health.

It is the student’s responsibility to call Deep River when they want a refill of their prescription. Student Health Services will contact each student upon receiving any delivered prescription medication to notify for pick up.

Most medications for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD/ADD) cannot be delivered as most of these medications fall into controlled categories.

Deep River Drug
2401-B Hickswood Road
High Point, North Carolina 27265
Phone: (336) 454-3784
Fax: (336) 454-3830


Other Local Retail Pharmacies Close to Campus:

CVS Pharmacy | 124 Montlieu Avenue, High Point (336) 881-1050

CVS Pharmacy | 1119 Eastchester Drive, High Point (336) 881-1040

Walgreens | 904 North Main St., High Point (336) 887-1036

CVS\Target Pharmacy | 1950 Mall Loop Rd., High Point (336) 844-1260

WalMart Pharmacy | 2710 North Main St., High Point (336) 869-6169