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As a university committed to weaving students into the family, HPU has always considered each prospective student on a variety of factors. These include, but are not limited to: GPA, community involvement, academic achievement, leadership demonstration, extracurricular activities, a series of essay submissions and the rigor of their high school.

It is an amazing time of change and transformation at High Point University. Our Faculty Admissions Committee unanimously voted to move HPU to ‘test optional’ admissions beginning with the fall 2018 class. This move is representative of a forward-thinking and student-focused institution and places the university in line with several other prestigious universities that also have made the switch.

Transitioning to ‘test optional’ reflects the university’s dedication to review the character and full abilities of each applicant in the admissions process. It is also supported by data, which shows GPA is a stronger indicator of success rather than SAT or ACT scores. HPU’s Admissions Committee will look for students who work hard, have performed well in the classroom and are prepared for success in college.

Under the new program, submitting SAT or ACT scores in the application for admission will be optional. However, in awarding our Presidential Scholarships (from $7,000 per year to full tuition per year) and selecting top students for our Honors Scholar Program, test scores will be required.  Test Optional students with strong GPA’s may still qualify for High Point Scholarships.



So, what does all this mean for you?

You are more than a test score.

We want to know who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and who you hope to be. We want you to be proud of every milestone, from the classroom to the community, from leadership involvement to academic achievements, from entrepreneurial ventures to athletic accomplishments.

If you’re applying to HPU, you’re already accepting your next challenge:

Choose to be Extraordinary!

And that says a lot.


So, the choice to include test scores is yours.






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