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Natural Sciences Fellows Qualify Majors
Why Be a Natural Sciences Fellow?
The Natural Sciences Fellows program at High Point University is a four-year specialized program within the Wanek School of Natural Sciences for students who show exceptional promise in pursuing academic degrees in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience, or physics. Membership is highly selective and limited to the top 50 incoming natural sciences students in each academic year. It includes professional travel, undergraduate research, informal discussions with world-renowned scientists, coaching, a $3,000 Scholarship renewable annually based upon academic performance and adherence to program guidelines, and much more. At High Point University, you will receive an extraordinary education—that’s our promise. We’ve been named the Best College in the Southern Region for ten years in a row, and this honor doesn’t come without its merits. Why choose High Point University? The answer is here, in the natural sciences.
Looking for a Fellowship?
Fellows build a foundation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. What are students and faculty saying about the Natural Sciences Fellows?
Ask a Fellow
At HPU you’ll get an extraordinary education. Contact a Natural Sciences Fellow to get the inside scoop with answers to your questions.
Explore the Majors
Why major in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience or physics at HPU? Your answer is here, in the Wanek School of Natural Sciences!
Natural Sciences Fellows Directors
high point university faculty member meghan blackledge portrait
Meghan Blackledge
Associate Professor of Chemistry; Director of Natural Sciences Fellows
high point university faculty brad barlow portrait
Brad Barlow
Associate Professor of Astrophysics; Director of the Culp Planetarium; Co-Director Natural Sciences Fellows
Keir Fogarty
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Co-Director of Natural Sciences Fellows
high point university faculty kelli sapp portrait
Kelli Sapp
Associate Professor of Biology and Co-Director Natural Sciences Fellows