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Application Requirements for International Students
International Admissions

Application – Submit the application for undergraduate admissions:

Transcripts – Submit your official transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at HPU. We require certified English translations and curriculum evaluations of each transcript.

We recommend using one of the following companies for translation and Course-by-Course Evaluation:

Test Scores – High Point University does not require these scores, but they could meet your English Proficiency requirements or help you qualify for academic scholarships. If you have completed the SAT or ACT, you are encouraged to submit the official scores with your application with the links below.

  • SAT – The school code for SAT is 5293
  • ACT – The ACT code is 3108

English Proficiency –  Students of non English speaking countries are required to submit one of the following accepted English proficiency exams. Below are the accepted tests and the minimum test score requirements:

These are the minimum scores, but do not guarantee acceptance.

Students may be conditionally accepted based on their demonstrated English proficiency. If you are conditionally accepted for language proficiency, you will be required to complete the highest proficiency levels at INTERLINK.

Exceptions – Students of non English speaking countries who have completed school in the USA for 2 years or more do not have to submit an English language proficiency test.

  1. Once the student’s Common Application file is completed, submitted and received by HPU then.
    • Admissions acceptance notification is sent.
  2. Then the student completes the following steps:
    • Pays $500 Enrollment Deposit – preferred within 30 days of admission
    • Submits copy of passport face page.
    • Submits Certificate of Financial Support (CoFS)
    • Submits I-20 Visa Transfer Clearance Form if enrolling from a USA
      secondary school, English language academy or other college/university.
    • Students enrolling directly from country of origin an I-20 will be
      issued automatically after deposit is made.
  3. HPU sends completed I-20 form upon receipt of the deposit, passport picture, and Certificate of Financial Support.
The Admissions Committee (AC) will examine for the following:
  1. High school transcript – the AC will assess:
    • Course selection
    • Rigor
    • Grades earned
  2. Application for Admission – the AC will review:
    • Essays – noting attention to detail
  3. Extracurricular and community involvement – the AC seek:
    • Demonstrated leadership
    • Commitment beyond membership

All students are required to verify their English Language proficiency. There are some exceptions; if an international student lives in a country where the official first language of the country is English that student will not have to take an English language proficiency test. Non-native English speakers who have demonstrated the minimum English language proficiency required for admission if they have completed any one of the following:

  • Taken an official TOEFL (iBT) and received a score of 80 or higher. The school code for TOEFL is 5293.
  • Taken an official IELTS and received a score of 6.5 or higher.
  • Taken an official Duolingo and received a score of 105 or higher.
  • Taken an official 4-skills MELAB and received a score of 77 or higher.
  • Taken an official iTEP and received a 3.8 or higher.
  • Taken an official SAT English exam and received a score of 500 or higher. The school code for SAT is 5293.
  • Taken an official ACT English exam and received a score of 20 or higher. The school code for ACT is 3108.
  • Attended for 2 consecutive years, and graduated from, an accredited USA based high school.
  • Obtained an official score of 4 or higher on either the IB Higher Level Language examination in English, or the AP Program examination in English Language.

These are the minimum scores acceptable and do not guarantee acceptance. If you do not meet our minimum acceptable scores, you may also demonstrate English language proficiency by completion of the highest proficiency levels at INTERLINK. Students should first apply to High Point University and if all other aspects of the application are acceptable will be granted Conditional Admission to INTERLINK.

Upon admission to High Point University, all non-native English speakers are required to take an ESL (English as a Second Language) placement exam.  The results of this exam will determine whether the student will be required to take 0-16 hours of credit-bearing ESL classes during the first two semesters at High Point University.  Any required ESL classes will fulfill the Foreign Language portion of the General Education (Core) Requirements.

  1. Full Admit (FA)
  2. Conditionally Acceptance (CA)
    • Conditional Acceptance is program whereby two categories of students may upon successful completion of required steps receive full admission.
    • International students who English language proficiency is lower than the minimum requirements as set forth above will be required to successfully complete ESL courses as described below.
    • ESL classes through American Language Academy (ALA)
    • Students must complete through Level 5 at ALA
    • *ESL classes through Open Hearts Language Academy (OHLA) – specifically Russian students will attend. Students must complete through Advanced Level II at OHLA
You Are Meant to be Extraordinary
Students embark on a one-of-a-kind journey when they enroll at HPU. Through experiential learning, students begin to develop their portfolios and relationships with professors who embody a growth mindset. At HPU, you can expect to develop life skills, foster your values, build character, gain practical experience and expand your knowledge through academic excellence.
Contact the Office of Admissions
One University Parkway High Point, NC 27268
Daily from 8:30am — 5:00pm.