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The Presidential Scholars Program

The Presidential Scholars Program recognizes incoming freshmen that demonstrate outstanding achievement, good citizenship, strong leadership and exceptional scholarship during high school. Your undergraduate admissions application serves as your Presidential Scholars application – there is no separate application to be considered.

Through interviews and events, students receive the opportunity to gain additional fellowships and scholarships. Top scholar candidates will be invited to increase their initial scholarship amount by interviewing on campus during two separate weekends within the month of February. Formal invitations will be sent to admitted students that qualify for this prestigious weekend.  Presidential Scholarships are awarded at three different levels and are renewable over four years, as long as renewal GPA requirements are met.

An initial scholarship representing the majority or total of a student’s merit award is included in qualifying student’s acceptance to High Point University. Top Presidential Scholars candidates will be invited to increase their initial scholarship amount by interviewing on campus during a Presidential Scholars Weekend in February. All interviews will be conducted on the High Point University campus. Additional scholarship funds will be awarded in early March after interview teams and the University Scholarship Committee collaborate on each student’s qualifications and award decision.

The following statistics represent the averages of last year’s recipients:

Presidential Founders Scholarship$30,000-Full Tuition

Average GPA: 4.0 (unweighted)
Average SAT: 1550 (Math & CR)
Average ACT: 34
*These students also graduated in the top 5 percent of
their class
Presidential Fellowships$9,000-$20,000

Average GPA: 3.8 (unweighted)
Average SAT: 1363 (Math & CR)
Average ACT: 29
*These students also graduated in the top 10 percent of
their class
Presidential Scholarships$5,000-$11,000

Average GPA: 3.58 (unweighted)
Average SAT: 1235 (Math & CR)
Average ACT: 25

Application Information

Your High Point University Undergraduate Admissions Application serves as your Presidential Scholars Application – there is no separate application that you need to submit in order to be considered for the Presidential Scholars Program. To be considered for our Presidential Scholars Program, you may choose whether or not to submit official SAT or ACT scores from the College Board. Consult our full page on test optional admissions for more information.

For full consideration under the Presidential Scholarship Program, students must submit their application for admission by November 15.

If you do choose to submit standardized test scores, High Point University super scores the SAT and ACT. If a student has taken multiple versions of either test, the highest sub-scores within each test will be considered in totaling the final score for consideration. Please note, the SAT and ACT test scores cannot be mixed.

If you do choose to take the SAT or ACT in the fall after submitting your application for admission you can contact your Admissions Counselor for guidance on how and if you should submit those scores to High Point University as additional information to be considered in your application and scholarship review.