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“If you have to relinquish the reins of parenthood, then there is no better community in the world in which to do it. If you want to see the changing face of higher education from the front line, visit HPU and spend thirty seconds with anyone there. It is immediately obvious, undeniable, and for me, comforting beyond words. My daughter could not have made a better choice, and trust me, she weighed them all – even the heavy lifters. High Point University wins and there are no second thoughts about that from any of us.” –The Middlebrooks Family

Questions Frequently Asked by Parents

Hello prospective parents and future members of the High Point University family! Your child is about to embark on a new, exciting and extraordinary chapter in life, and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions would like to congratulate them on their achievements thus far.

Some of you are just starting the college-search process with your child. while others of you have children on the brink of making a final decision; regardless of where you are in the process, please know that we are here to help!

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, feel free to chat live with a member from our staff or give us a call!

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How many undergraduate students attend High Point University and what percent are from out of state?

High Point University has 5,000 undergraduate students representing 50 states and 37 countries. Seventy-nine percent of students are from out-of-state.

What are the differential advantages of High Point University?

High Point University is different with relevance.  It’s student-centered.  It’s values-based. It’s pristine.  It’s safe. It’s a holistic learning environment. At High Point University, we truly believe in our mission statement- every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people. ®

High Point University has been named one of the Princeton Review’s Best 382 Colleges, including a place in the Top 20 Best Run Schools, Top 10 Best Dorms, and Top 20 Best Career Services in the nation.

With state-of-the-art academic facilities, scholarly opportunities and a robust calendar of engaging events, our environment of excellences will transform your high school student into a collegiate scholar who is prepared to thrive in today’s ever-changing and competitive global marketplace.

      • At HPU your student will constantly be given the opportunity to combine classroom content with real-world context. This year HPU students secured internships with global business leaders such as Entertainment Tonight, the New Orleans Saints, ESPN, Seventeen Magazine, Gannett Co. and many more.
      • At HPU your student will be challenged to discover their passion. Our stellar faculty will serve as dedicated mentors who will help your child find a platform through which he or she can express and expand on what they love.
      • At HPU your student will have access to not only today’s state-of-the-art technology but also to tomorrow’s cutting edge tools.
      • At HPU your student will receive an education that inspires greatness, instills purpose, cultivates life-long learning, promotes service and stimulates his or her desire to live a life of both success and significance.

What is the student-faculty ratio at High Point University?

High Point University’s student-to-faculty ratio is 15:1.

As the university itself has grown, it has attracted the attention of thousands of faculty across the country and the world.  This influx of faculty interest has enabled HPU to be incredibly selective when hiring, and as a result, High Point University faculty members are active in their field and driven by student success.  Faculty members have previously taught and studied at leading universities such as, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Harvard and Duke. There are 17 students in the average class at High Point and within that small community, professors teach every class and prove to be engaging mentors, eager to share their own research and scholarly interests.

What is High Point University’s campus like?

From the energy of the vibrant water fountains to the international flags lining the Kester International Promenade and the classical music that permeates the air, High Point University is an inspiring and encouraging place. Students are inspired to be extraordinary by the numerous quotes from the greatest minds in history etched in stone along pathways to class and the dozens of great historical thinkers sculpted in bronze seated on benches along the academic corridor. 95% of the student body lives on campus, and they are well taken care of by a nationally ranked security team. HPU is one of the safest campuses in America. Above all, the campus at HPU is unlike any other college campus, just like our extraordinary students.

How are High Point University’s academics?

U.S. News & World Report ranked High Point University the #1 Best Regional College in the South (for a fourth consecutive year), #1 Most Innovative Regional College in the South.

Our core curriculum has been designed to introduce your student to their field of study starting their freshman year. Our goal is to feed your child’s appetite for academic achievement and equip him or her for further education, the job market or a life of service. Within the classroom environment, your student will find High Point professors to be engaging mentors, eager to share their own research and scholarly interests; and beyond the classroom he or she will constantly be met with opportunities to learn in a very practical and innovative way.

With the academic experience in the classroom, the experiential opportunities available and the university’s commitment to holistic, character-based learning, at HPU your student will receive an education that is unsurpassed.

What are High Point University’s admission requirements?

High Point University seeks applicants who demonstrate exceptional scholarship, outstanding achievement, good citizenship and strong leadership.

Please know that we desire to get to know those whom we are investing our future into. While it is not mandatory, we do strongly recommend a campus visit during your student’s senior year. Campus visits are a great way for your student and your family to experience our remarkable campus, meet our extraordinary students and dynamic professors, sit in on a class and speak with your child’s admissions counselor.

Admissions decisions are based on the following:

      • A student’s academic performance and achievement
      • The academic rigor of these classes and your school
      • Scores achieved on either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT)*
      • A student’s character and past performance
      • A student’s demonstrated leadership
      • The written essay on our application
      • The School Report Form
      • Letter of Recommendation from teachers or counselors
      • Demonstrated interest in attending High Point University

*SAT or ACT scores are only required if a student wishes to be considered for the Presidential Scholars Program and/or Honors Scholar Program

Click here to see our High School Academic Requirements.

What is the difference between applying Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision?

At High Point University we offer three application plans for incoming freshmen. It is important to choose the plan that suits your interest level. Please keep in mind that over 80 percent of our incoming class is compromised of Early Decision and Early Action candidates.

Early Decision

For those applicants who consider High Point University their number one college choice and desire to remove the stress of the college selection process, we offer our Early Decision plan. It is a binding agreement in which, if admitted, you agree to withdraw all other college applications and enroll at High Point University for the fall of 2019. Students who apply under the Early Decision plan will receive these benefits:

  • First Priority in selecting your ideal campus housing
  • First Priority in selecting your fall class schedule
  • Early Notification of admissions decision
  • Early Campus Move-In date in August
  • Early Assignment of your HPU Success Coach to begin working with you in planning for your success at HPU

Early Action is for those applicants who consider High Point University one of their top few college choices. It is a non-binding application plan. Early Action students have second priority in housing selection.

Regular Decision is for those students not applying under one of our early application plans. Applications received under the Regular Decision plan will be reviewed after February 2. Applications received after the Regular Decision deadline will be reviewed on a space available basis.

How are merit-based scholarships awarded?

Merit-based scholarships are granted through the Presidential Scholars and High Point Scholars Programs.

Your child’s High Point University Undergraduate Admissions Application will serve as their Presidential Scholars or High Point Scholars Application – there is no separate application that he/she will need to submit in order to be considered for the Programs. The undergraduate application is available here.

Initial scholarship award letters will be mailed upon acceptance to High Point University. Top Presidential Scholars candidates will be invited to increase their initial scholarship amount by interviewing on campus during a Presidential Scholarship Weekend in February. All interviews will be conducted on the High Point University campus.

How safe is High Point University’s campus?

High Point University was recently named #12 Security Department in the nation by Security Magazine. The university experience is one that is both exhilarating and daunting, for both students and parents. While we recognize that independence is an exciting new concept for many of our students, we also know that they want to feel safe when they come home to our campus. At High Point University, the safety of our students is a top priority. Students and parents should take comfort knowing that our security and transportation departments are managed by industry-leading professionals who work every day to ensure that students feel safe, secure and knowledgeable about campus policies and procedures. With gated entrances, key card access to all academic buildings and dorms and a state-of-the-art campus that is designed to provide both comfort and security, you will not find a university that cares more about the wellbeing of its students than High Point University.

What will my student do when he/she is sick?

High Point University is one of only three private universities in North Carolina to have a full-time medical doctor as director of the student health center. HPU Student Health Services is committed to providing excellent, evidence-based medical care for acute and chronic conditions in a compassionate and supportive environment. Our goal is to become our student’s medical, home-away-from-home. We understand that maintaining good health will not only positively impact a student’s academic experience, but will also improve their chance of success and quality of life throughout his or her life long journey.

How is High Point University preparing its students for long-term success?

High Point University has a proud history of being committed to a quality liberal arts education that creates career-centered outcomes.  The university continues to innovate, introducing new teaching techniques and programs in order to produce graduates who are ready to take on any challenge in their chosen careers.

Student Success Coaches: Your student will be assigned a Success Coach who will serve as his or her academic advisor during their first year. In addition to advising, the coach connects students to appropriate resources — including tutoring, counseling, Student Life and Career Services.

The Center for Student Success:

Cottrell Hall opened this fall after being completely funded by gifts from parents of HPU students. Inside, the university has expanded experiential learning opportunities while also bringing them together under one roof. From Career and Professional Development, to Internship Resources, to an Entrepreneurship Center, students develop the ability to connect the dots between the experiences amassed during their time at HPU.

Collaboration is fostered in the glass walls featured throughout. An international theme is embedded in the design with a globe in the form of a chandelier, an airport concourse that serves as study space, and all the offices and support staff that are placed intentionally here to guide students to compete on a global platform.

High Point University’s Career and Professional Development Office will offer your student assistance in all aspects of the career planning, internship and employment process. The office helps students explore their interests, identify strengths and develop an action plan that will prepare them for life after graduation.

Services offered include:

      • Individual career counseling, including self-assessments and feedback
      • Exploration of HPU majors/minors and related career fields
      • Resume and cover letter development and review
      • Advice on how to create an effective LinkedIn profile
      • Interviewing strategies and practice sessions
      • Resources for finding internships and full-time opportunities
      • Networking assistance
      • Graduate school process

How is school spirit?

High Point University has sixteen Division I teams that play in the Big South Conference. Our students love supporting their teams, particularly in basketball, soccer, and women’s volleyball.

HPU offers a competitive club sports program with a wide variety of sports in which students can either continue a sport they love or try something new! These teams travel, compete against other schools, and have regular practice times (very similarly to our DI teams.)

For students who want a more laid-back athletic experience, HPU has a variety of intramural options, as well. This is a more casual setting in which students can play some of their favorite sports or just make wonderful memories as the goofy team in the intramural tournaments.

What is a Success Coach, and how will they help my child succeed?

Every High Point University freshman is assigned a Success Coach to assist during their first year of college! Success Coaches are not faculty, and therefore spend their entire time helping direct HPU students into a successful transition to college.

Success Coaches are responsible for providing appropriate academic and transitional support to first-year students applicable to all aspects of the student’s life tasks: academic, personal, social, and career.  Your Success Coach will serve as your academic advisor for the first year and is assigned based on academic major.



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