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Readmission Requirements

Readmission is for students who previously attended High Point University. If you were unable to continue your studies or if you attended High Point within the last two years and would like to return, you may apply for readmission through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Readmission Application Form

You have previously attended the High Point University as an Undergraduate student


There is a gap in your attendance due to any of the following reasons:

  • You took a semester or more off from taking classes, maximum two semesters
  • You withdrew from all of your classes in one semester
  • You transferred to another institution less than one year ago
  • You have been academically dismissed
  • You have earned an undergraduate degree from High Point University and would like to earn a second undergraduate degree

As a candidate for readmission, you must submit the Application for Readmission. Once the application for readmission is received, the Office of Student Life, Office of Financial Planning, Office of the Registrar and Office of Student Accounts are notified of your request for readmission. Pending the approval of your application by these other offices, your request will then be considered by the Associate Vice President for Admissions. Readmission is not guaranteed. Criteria used in determining readmission include, but are not limited to, academic progress, positive financial record and university discipline history.

If you left campus in poor academic standing, were barred, were issued a judicial sanction, or withdrew for medical reasons, you may need to submit additional documents regarding your readiness to succeed at HPU. You should also consider your financial readiness to return. Your readmission application may not be approved until certain conditions are met. If you have attended any college or university since leaving High Point University, you must meet criteria for transfer students, and must be in good standing and eligible to return to the last institution attended.

  • Complete and sign the application for admission. This readmission application does not require an application fee to submit.
  • Submit your readmission application and all required work and documentation by the deadlines listed below.
  • If you have attended another college or university since leaving High Point University, then you must submit an official transcript from that college or university and submit the Dean’s Release Form. Give a copy of the Dean’s Release Form to the Dean of Students (or similar university official) at the college/university that you have most recently attended. The Dean’s Release Form can be found here.
  • Readmission decisions are made by the Associate Vice President of Admissions.
  • Former students who were academically dismissed from High Point should be aware that the Office of Academic Services will need to be contacted to discuss the appeal options. They can be reached at 336-888-6388.

If you have certain types of holds, we will not be able to move forward with your application. To resolve the hold, you must contact the appropriate office to find out what you need to do so that the hold can be lifted. Once the hold is lifted, it is your responsibility to notify the Office of Undergraduate Admissions so that we can proceed with the application process.

Students who are on an official Leave of Absence do not need to apply for readmission. Please contact Karen Naylon, Assistant Dean, 401 Smith Library, 336-888-6388;

If you are have taken more than 2 consecutive semesters off from taking classes at HPU then you must reapply as a Transfer student. Please follow this link for the transfer application:

A student who desires to return to High Point University and complete the requirements for a degree must meet the conditions for graduation stated in the current undergraduate bulletin at the time of re-entry.

Readmission Application Deadlines

Fall August 1
SpringDecember 1

In most cases students who have submitted a complete application (with all required documents) will receive confirmation of acceptance, or correspondence regarding the application status, via email within two weeks. Incomplete applications – or those for students who were on probation, barred or disqualified from the university – may take additional time to process.

Please make sure you check the email address listed in your application regularly, and respond as quickly as possible to all requests. If you are approved for readmission, your confirmation email will detail relevant enrollment instructions and deadlines. Students will be informed of the decision by way of an email and mail from the Office of the Undergraduate Admissions.

You will not be able to register for classes or sign up for housing until after you have been re-admitted to the university and paid your enrollment deposit. Classes and housing are on a space available basis.

For additional information regarding your application or supplemental documents, please contact:

Annie Sandelovich

Transfer Counselor


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