Class of 2020
Employment Rate
On-Time Graduation Rate
Graduates Prepared to Enter Pharmacy Practice


(North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam) First Time Pass Rate

HPU: 88.9%
National Average: 88.4%
Enrolled and Matriculated: 59
Graduated in Four Years: 54
On-time Graduation Rate: 91.5%

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median annual wage of pharmacists as more than 3 times the median wage of all workers
Median Annual Wage

Pharmacy is a rapidly changing profession with multiple career track opportunities.  The faculty and administration at High Point University believe it is essential that our graduates are prepared to lead and be flexible enough to adjust in these times of change.  The Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy has been created to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and manage medication therapies that meet both current and future needs. Students will receive an education that will position them to practice pharmacy in a variety of settings, or to pursue advanced clinical or academic training.

Students earn their Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) after four rigorous years of education after completion of a pre-professional track (normally two years). Students are not penalized if they complete the pre professional track in three or four years instead of two but the additional courses taken during this time do not affect the number of credit hours necessary to complete the PharmD portion of the program.  A bachelor’s degree is not required prior to entry into the PharmD program.

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High Point University has established rigorous admission requirements for the Doctor of Pharmacy program. To be competitive for admission to the Pharm.D. program, a student should adhere to the following requirements:

  1. 2 years prior to anticipated start term (AST) begin pre-pharmacy courses.
  2. A student should have a GPA of approximately 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Complete the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) 1 year prior to AST. Competitive applicants will have a composite score at or above the 65th percentile. 50th percentile is required for admission.
  4. A student should have experience as a pharmacy clerk or technician (or shadowed these positions extensively), and be able to discuss his or her leadership experiences in the field of pharmacy.
  5. Apply through Pharm CAS (College Application Service).
  6. Complete HPU Supplemental Rx Application

Regardless of where student completed their pre-professional coursework, students must be qualified and competitive to be considered for a position in the school. All students that complete the above requirements will be granted an interview to the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Tuition and Fees

Pre-Pharmacy Course Requirements

HPU Standardized Client Program

Actors from the community are hired and trained to be Standardized Clients. They are trained to portray a specific role (patient, physician, nurse, caregiver, etc). Students are assigned a time to work with their Standardized Client. When they arrive, they review their case. Case content aligns with current didactic courses. Students learn in various simulated environments like hospital, community, long-term care, and clinical pharmacy. They put their knowledge and skills into practice!

Each encounter is video-recorded and reviewed by experts in the control room. Students are provided immediate feedback from their Standardized Client. Clients score their students on professionalism, relationship skills, and communication skills. Students review their video and reflect on their performance. This is another way we prepare our students to be PRACTICE READY!

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