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HPU Care Alert Form
HPU Care Alert Form
Please use this form to report any concerns you have regarding a student’s wellbeing.
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The HPU Care Team
A multidisciplinary group of professional staff members dedicated to providing support for students in all levels of crisis or who have been identified as exhibiting concerning or worrisome behaviors in order to maintain a safe and supportive campus community. The Care Team takes a holistic approach to identify concerns, assess needs, and implement appropriate interventions.

The main goal of the Care Team is to help students to be successful through individual support and care and the coordination of HPU resources. Upon receiving a referral, a member of the Care Team will reach out to the student to discuss the issue they may be facing and to develop a plan to help address any concerns. Students may be connected with or referred to additional supporting offices (Counseling Services, Academic Services, Religious Life, etc.)

HPU Care Alert

Faculty, staff, peers, and family members play a vital role in a student’s success, and it is imperative that students of concern are referred to the Care Team.The Care Team strongly encourages community members to utilize the Care Alert reporting form to notify the Care Team of a student of concern. These concerns can include, but are not limited to:

  • Attendance Issues/Academic Difficulty
  • Significant Change in Appearance or Behavior
  • Threats to Self or Others
  • Substance Abuse
  • Disordered Eating
  • Homesickness/Transition to College
  • Familial Concerns
  • Physical or Mental Health Concerns

To refer a student of concern, please use one of the following methods:

Care Alert Form (recommended)


Phone: 336-841-9231

In Person: Office of Student Life, Slane Student Center, ThirdFloor

Please note that the Care Team should NOT be contacted as first-response to emergencies. If there is an immediate threat or concern for someone’s health or safety, please call HPU Security 336-841-9111 or call 911.