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HPU travel release forms must be completed by HPU students whenever they are participating in HPU-sponsored, -sanctioned, or -led off-campus events or travel.

The release holds students to the same disciplinary standard as on campus and informs them of what action may be taken if they violate the Conduct Code. It also protects HPU legally in the event that there is an accident, injury, etc. The release must be completed and signed by any student traveling with an HPU class or organization, any student traveling in an HPU vehicle, or any student traveling in a personal vehicle to HPU-required events or activities (e.g., study abroad, internships, practica, field work, students participating in conferences, off-campus PEC activity courses, chartered clubs and organizations that meet or travel off campus).

Once the forms have been completed and submitted to the coordinating faculty or staff member, they should be forwarded to the Office of Student Life to be added to the students’ files. A release form should be submitted for each event or each set of events (i.e., a series of class meetings in an off-campus location, a semester of traveling with a chartered club or student organization).

Travel Release for Day Travel (domestic travel only)

Travel Release for Overnight Travel (domestic and international travel)