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Leadership Fellows Program


At High Point University, we know that success is not a one-size-fits concept. HPU’s Leadership Fellows Program will challenge you to formulate and articulate your definition of success.

Some Leadership Fellows stay up late at night studying code with the hopes of continuing in Steve Job’s legacy, while others dream of the day that their design sketches will turn into skylines; some Fellows spend their afternoons in the biomechanics lab rehabilitating professional athletes, while others are in the trading room analyzing the international stock market. Regardless of how they define success, HPU’s Leadership Fellows Program has instilled in them – as it will in you – the confidence to make the impossible possible.

High Point’s Leadership Fellows Program will challenge you to make a lasting contribution to our global community by equipping you with the tools and intellectual know-how to be a leader in not only today’s, but also tomorrow’s, ever-changing marketplace.

Leadership Fellows Benefits


LEADERSHIP FELLOWS RETREAT– As a Leadership Fellow you will have the opportunity to connect and network with influential leaders both on and off campus. The annual Leadership Fellows Retreat will encourage you to broaden your horizons while discovering your own path to personal growth and leadership.

LEADERSHIP SPEAKERS SERIES – The Leadership Speakers Series will go beyond preparing you to land your dream job or get accepted into your top-choice graduate school. The series, which features internationally renowned thought leaders, will enable you to become a change agent in today’s global marketplace by equipping you with the skills desired by top employers and prestigious graduate programs.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT PROJECT – The lines between academia and the real world will blur as you are immersed in local and national civic engagement projects. This combination of research and hands-on experience will transform your textbook competence into real-world confidence.

LEADERSHIP FELLOWS MENTOR PROGRAM – Because we believe that few ever achieve anything without the help of others, first-year fellows are paired with fourth-year fellows. This collaborative mentorship will instill in you a strong sense of community and inspire a journey of life-long learning.

 Guidelines for Admission


High Point University’s Leadership Fellows Program attracts innate leaders who possess a high level of intellectual curiosity and are focused on pursuing academic and professional excellence. Qualified incoming freshmen will be extended an invitation to apply to the Leadership Fellows Program after being admitted to the university.

High Point University’s Leadership Fellows Program is a highly selective, innovative experience designed to help aspiring leaders maximize their personal and professional success. This four-year progressive program solidifies leadership basics, provides numerous high impact leadership opportunities and emphasizes student mentoring and faculty coaching for individual student growth.

To be considered for membership into the Leadership Fellows Program, you must first submit your High Point University undergraduate admissions application.

If you would like to be considered for HPU’s Leadership Fellows Program, please complete your application through Slideroom by February 1 for priority applicants and by March 1 for all others.

For more information, contact:

Julie Hill
Director of Leadership Fellows
Instructor of Human Relationships and Nonprofit Leadership
(336) 841-9754




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