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Leave of Absences & Withdrawals


Key individuals who can assist you with this process:

Gwenn Noel, Associate Vice President for Student Life:; 336-841-9672


How will this decision affect my academic transcript?

By taking a leave of absence and/or withdrawing from the University, as long as the process is completed on or before the last day of classes, the student will receive a grade of “W” for the course work for that semester.


What is the different between a medical Leave of Absence and Leave of Absence?

If a student takes a medical Leave of Absence, they must submit medical clearance and care plan to return to the university.  Many times, this is a necessary categorization if the student purchased tuition insurance for the applicable semester.  If it is not a medical Leave of Absence (categorized personal, academic, etc.), the student is able to return without submission of medical clearance documentation.


What is the permissible time for a Leave of Absence?

The University permits a student to take a leave of absence for one semester, fall or spring.  For extenuating circumstances requiring additional time, the student may need an extension, and they may appeal by completing the following appeal submission:


What are the financial implications for the LOA and/or WD?

Before submitting the leave and/or withdraw form, students should consult their parents, Financial Aid Planner and the University’s refund schedule (visit website:  to understand the financial impact for student aid and/or the student account.  Additionally, if you must leave for a semester and you are not earning college credits, this may have potential impact for your future financial aid eligibility due to the satisfactory academic progress that is required.

Implications for Student Aid

Financial assistance offered by HPU is governed by federal and state regulations and/or University policies.  If a student elects to leave the University (Withdrawal or Leave of Absence) prior to completing 60% of the semester or term, the Office of Student Financial Planning must determine what percentage of the financial assistance given for which the student is entitled (earned) based on the length of time enrolled.  The date the student begins the WD/LOA process, or otherwise officially notifies the University of his/her intent to discontinue enrollment, establishes the last date of attendance.  If a student leaves the University after completing 60% of the term, no adjustment to their Title IV federal aid, state or institutional aid is required.

The number of days starting with the first day of classes to the last date of attendance is divided by the total number of calendar days in the semester (less any scheduled breaks of 5 days or more).  The resulting percentage is then multiplied by the total amount of funds disbursed (either to the student’s account or to the student directly) for the semester.  This calculation determines the amount of financial assistance the student has earned.  For example, if it was determined the student attended 25% of the term, the student would have earned 25% of the financial assistance disbursed.  The remaining or unearned portion (total disbursed minus amount earned) must be returned to the various programs.  Please note return of funds to some state and private aid programs and veterans’ benefits are determined by those specific program rules which must be followed.

Due to the complexity of this process, students who are considering leaving the University are advised to come by the Office of Student Financial Planning and Student Accounts before doing so in order to understand the implications of that decision on the student’s financial assistance and charges.

Tuitions, Fees, Room and Board and Learning Excellence Refund Schedule

Applies to Grad and Undergrad Fall and Spring Semesters

                                                                Amount Refunded

Before class begins                                          100.0%

First week of classes                                        75.0%

Second week of classes                                    50.0%

Third week of classes                                       25.0%

Fourth week of classes                                     0.0%

Applies to Grad and Undergrad Summer Sessions

First class                                                             100.0%

Second class                                                          0%


The Office of Student Accounts offers a Tuition Protection Plan which provides financial protection for students that may become hurt or ill and are unable to complete the term.  The Tuition Protection Plan will return up to 75% of the insured term tuition and fees, less any refund or credit due to the student from High Point University.  Funds will be refunded provided the student complete and file a Claim Form and that their physical condition is certified by a licensed physician and forces them to completely withdraw from all classes for the balance of the term.


Coverage insures tuition, mandatory fees, room and meals.  Students are automatically enrolled in the Plan but are not required to be enrolled in the Plan.  A waiver form must be completed in order to waive coverage and cost of the Plan.


Should I pursue an LOA or WD from the University?

This is an individual decision and depends on the circumstances for the leave.  If a student is uncertain of his or her return to High Point University, we would recommend that you consider the LOA option; this allows you time to decide something more permanent when it’s not as stressful for you due to medical and/or personal current circumstances.


What about course registration and/or housing for the next semester?

Students who take an LOA are eligible to register for the subsequent term.  Registration dates/times are based upon completed credits at the time of registration.  Additionally, housing preferences will be requested by the Office of Student Life in the preparation for your return to the University. Additionally, you will continue to receive access to your HPU email account and receive daily University updates, important dates to remember, and registration times


Will my housing assignment remain the same if I have started the fall semester and must leave, but plan to return for Spring semester. 

Typically, once you leave for part of the semester, it is necessary for you to remove your personal items and begin the process anew for the spring semester.  You may consult the Office of Student Life representatives for assistance.


What if I experience an emergency that requires me to leave campus before I have time to retrieve my personal items and pack up my room?

Life emergencies happen every day.  Your University will assist you with this transition and process.  Packing assistance and shipping of personal items can be arranged.  Contact the Office of Student Life representatives listed above for assistance.


While on a leave of absence, may I take courses at another university and/or college and transfer credit?

Students MUST receive prior approval to take courses at another institution and transfer them to HPU for credit.  This approval, by the University Registrar, must be sought by contacting the University Registrar BEFORE enrolling at the other institution. Failure to contact the University Registrar prior to enrollment/completion of courses at another university and/or college could result in denial of your request to transfer the credit back to HPU.  Once courses are approved, the student may transfer back to HPU only 11 credit hours.


If I take a medical LOA, what is required for my return to High Point University?

Students must submit appropriate medical documentation, addressed to Dr. Bill Gentry, the Interim Vice President for Student Life.
The documentation should state that the student is cleared to return to the University, and should provide any applicable care plan for return as well as any ancillary needs for the student’s care upon the return to campus.   Futhermore, the medical care provider must indicate that the student is able to resume normal class engagement and activities.  This documentation must be submitted BEFORE arriving back to campus.


What if I need to extend my LOA for more than one semester?

Students may apply for an additional semester’s leave of absence.  However, for this to be considered, a student must submit an extension appeal before that semester commences the start of classes.  This request for extension can be found here:  Leave of Absence Extension Request