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High Point University has a proud history of academic excellence and commitment to liberal arts education. This history is grounded in certain ideals: engaged learning and stimulation of intellectual curiosity; broad preparation in a diverse set of disciplines, including the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and the fine arts; intellectual inquiry in sufficient depth to allow one to contribute to a greater body of knowledge; development of communicative and expressive capabilities; cultivation of global understanding and social responsibility; outstanding professional and pre-professional preparation; and integration of knowledge into meaningful synthesis. These ideals have served the University well; and these ideals have also guided the process of curricular review. Every institution of higher education has a responsibility to vigilantly review—and if necessary— revise its academic program. Over the past several years our faculty has undertaken a thorough review of the academic programs of High Point University. A wide and vigorous range of curricular ideas were considered. The conversation, grounded in our historic ideals, and enriched by the meshing of different points of view, produced a renewed vision of the University’s academic future. The faculty approved changes that are not only enhancing our strengths, but are leading to new opportunities for intellectual stimulation and engaged learning.

The faculty approved a new general education curriculum that continues to guarantee that each student’s program will include a series of specifically defined academic experiences while at the same time providing for the potential for greater choice by students and more creativity by faculty within each category.

Based on the same revision goals the faculty concurrently approved a four credit delivery model. Beginning in the fall of 2010 almost all courses in the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences became four credit courses. The average load has become four courses or 16 credits per semester. This not only allows for a more manageable academic schedule, it creates opportunities for experiential learning, more in depth research and investigation, and in many cases, greater contact and collaboration with faculty. In other words, this new model should be understood as a chance for faculty and students to press into intellectual areas not easily accommodated in three credit courses.

University Core:
Written Communication Skills: 4 credits
Language skills: 4 credits
Quantitative Reasoning: 4 credits
Ethical Reasoning: 4 credits
First Year Seminar: 4 credits
President’s Seminar: 1 credit
PE Activity: 1 credit

Area Electives:
Literature, History, Religion, Performing or Visual Arts (16 credits)
Natural Science with Lab- Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics (4 credits)
Social Science- Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology or Psychology (8 credits)

General Education Credits — 50
Major and Free Elective Credits — 78
Credits required for graduation – 128

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