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Welcome to the David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences!

As the university’s home for the basic disciplines of human knowledge, the David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences models and encourages intellectual curiosity, critical reflection, ethical deliberation, and aesthetic appreciation. As explained in our Core Principles, the liberal arts form the intellectual foundation for a well-lived life. A liberal arts education will also equip you with the broad knowledge and transferable skills you will need to flourish in today’s interconnected and changing world. Because we know that you need more than just vocational training, we prepare you to be a skilled communicator and a lifelong learner, with the ability to view the world from a variety of different—and sometimes conflicting—perspectives. Learn more about the impact of a liberal arts education by watching this video.

I encourage you to experience the liberal arts at High Point University and to consider pursuing a major or minor in the David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to the humanities and science disciplines that traditionally comprise the liberal arts, the College also houses selected pre-professional programs. Anchored in the liberal arts, these programs develop students’ intellectual capacities before they enter their chosen careers, equipping graduates to pursue their chosen careers with thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, and social responsibility.

The teacher-scholars who comprise the College’s faculty will help you engage deeply and broadly with liberal arts, whether through general education courses housed in the College or through coursework in the College’s many majors and minors. Our faculty serve as active and engaged student advisors and mentors, and as models, collaborators, and guides for student research and engagement. As influential leaders within their own diverse fields, our faculty members also enrich the cultural and intellectual life of the university with their own widely acclaimed research, scholarship, and creative work. Read recent faculty essays here.

Because our faculty believe that your success extends far beyond career aspirations, we know that you will emerge from a liberal arts education at High Point transformed: inward and reflective, ready to pursue the common good, and inspired to lead meaningful lives.

We invite you to discover your extraordinary potential in the College of Arts and Sciences.

StonekingDr. Carole Stoneking
Dean, David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences


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