Jun 15th, 2021

5 Tips for Transforming Your HPU Dorm into Your Home

How to Feel at Home After Class

It’s finally almost here… COLLEGE! The best four years of your life are at your fingertips. Are you ready to move in?!

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My name is Victoria Valentinas, and I’m a proud HPU graduate who owns and operates my own interior design firm, VLV Designs. Not only did I live my best life at High Point University, but I also participated in Rate My Crib, helped my little sister and many other freshmen move in during Welcome Week, and graduated from HPU’s impressive School of Arts and Design.

Congratulations are in order because you are in for an upgrade – not only to living independently at High Point University, but to living in one of the many dorm options at HPU, which have been ranked #1 in the nation by The Princeton Review and Niche!

Since you’ll be living in the nation’s best dorms, I know that you’ll want your room to look GREAT!

As you prepare for the exciting journey ahead at HPU, I have put together my top five tips and tricks for transforming your dorm into your home!




1. Beyond Bedding

Wanek Uc2 GuyWhen starting any interior design project, it’s always best to start with the largest impact in the room, and your dorm room is no exception. Your bed takes up the most room in your bedroom, so addressing the bedding is going to set the style direction for your entire room for the next four years. Consider what colors you would like to have in the room, and that will lead the way for selecting the perfect bedding. Once you pick out the perfect cover for your bed, don’t forget the accent pillows. Not only will they bring depth to your space and be a way for you to show off your personality, but they also help transform your bed into a sofa for movie nights!






2. Dress Your Windows

Finch GirlOne way to make your dorm room feel more “homey” is to dress up your windows with curtains. This adds one more layer of design to your room and draws your eyes to the natural light, making the room look taller. It might also be nice to have some black out curtains to take advantage of sleeping in on the weekend!






3. Deck Your Walls

WilsonYou might have moved away from home, but there’s no reason you can’t be reminded of home every day! Start collecting your favorite photos of family and friends in prints of all shapes and sizes. A combination of horizontal and vertical prints in a variety of frames will give your walls dimension and also serve as a great icebreaker for making new friends that will become family!





4. Late Night Snack Zone

Finch guyOne of the comforts of home is COMFORT FOOD! Since Mom isn’t moving in with you, make sure you are ready for those late-night munchies! Although HPU never leaves you feeling hungry with all the many spots to grab a bite to eat, sometimes it’s nice to make a quick snack on a study break in your PJs! If your dorm room doesn’t come with a kitchen area, have no fear; rolling drawer storage containers are perfect for housing your go-to kitchen utensils. They don’t take up much room, they come in different fun colors, and you can also store a microwave on top. If you live in a room with twin beds that can be raised, a great way to utilize your space is to raise the bed and make a kitchen underneath your bed. Always plan for a little nook for the mini fridge, microwave and snacks!




5. Memory Montage

Wanek Uc2 GirlAs you are getting packed up to head to High Point, it’s totally normal to experience a lot of emotions, from excitement about making new friends, to nervousness about saying “see ya later” to your high school friends. Make sure that you not only bring great memories with your high school friends with you, but that you are prepared to make new memories with the life-long friends you are about to meet! Once you start hanging out with your roommates, suite-mates and friends down the hall, you won’t be able to keep up with all of the fun moments at HPU, so make sure you document them! Start a photo memory wall, or do what my roommates and I did – create a sticky note “Wall of Memories” with fun inside-jokes that we documented and hung up on the wall!





Bonus Tip: Get Excited!

The final tip is to get ready to enjoy every moment of High Point University; from your dorm room to the restaurants, the staff and faculty, the life lessons learned, and the friends you’ll make. The journey you are about to embark on will change you for the better and will always be a part of you, so seize the moment and have fun. It goes by too fast!