Nov 12th, 2015

7 Tips To Help You Submit Your HPU Application

After years of anticipation, weeks (maybe even months!) of preparation, and I’m sure some very stressful late nights – the time is upon you. It’s here. Finally. It’s the single most exciting and frightening mouse click of your life.

You’re about to click submit on your college application to High Point University!

I know that feeling because I’ve been there too. And now, I’m an Admissions Counselor here at HPU. Which means that my colleagues and I will be the ones who actually read that application you’re about to submit. (Don’t worry, we aren’t scary!)

So as you’re wondering if you’ve covered everything, if you’ve included all you can, if your application looks as absolutely fantastic as it could, but you’re just not so sure…I’m here to help! The Undergraduate Admissions Counselors have come up with a few tips and tricks to help you make sure your application is the best that it can be! Okay, let’s get started!



1.       Honesty and consistency are key

Be honest on your application, and be consistent throughout with facts and details. These things matter. The best way to ensure consistency is to be honest.


2.       It’s all in the details

Have you volunteered, held a job or a leadership role? Are you well-traveled? Won an award? We want to hear about it. Your application is a tool for us to get to know you, which means that nothing is unimportant. We want to hear about all of these things, so don’t be afraid to include them! Sometimes students think if they add too much it will be perceived as arrogant or self-centered. Not true! We only know what you tell us. So tell us!

PS- Don’t know where to add all of this? Utilize the “activities” section on the CommonApp and the “other information” section on the High Point University page.


3.       THE ESSAY *dun dun duuuuun*

 Yes, we really read them! This part scares a lot of students, but really, this should be your favorite part! This is a chance for you to tell us something we do not already know about you! Please, please use it for just that! Are you a great student? I can see that on your transcripts. Are you involved outside of the classroom? I can see that in your clubs/activities section. Tell me something else. Something I don’t already know. Use the essay as a way to tell me something that helps me get to know you even better!


4.       Get all of your ducks in a row 

There are a lot of moving parts to your application, we understand that (see the full list here.) So make sure you are in touch with your Guidance Counselor, the wonderful person writing your letter of recommendation (and you may even want to thank this person with a Starbucks!), and request your test scores from The College Board or ACT. Go ahead and get all of this done BEFORE you are ready to hit submit.


5.       Call us, beep us, if you want to (and you ABSOLUTELY should want to) reach us!

Call your Admissions Counselor. Text us. Shoot us an email. Let us know you’ve hit submit! (*Cue celebratory music.*) Ask if we’ve received everything. Check in. Ask questions. Tell us how excited you are about the prospect of becoming an HPU Panther! We want to hear from you. Reaching out to us in order to track your status, confirm that we’ve received everything, or to tell us you’ve submitted is a great “excuse” to connect. You can find all of our contact information here.


6.       The best applications have editors!

HAVE SOMEONE READ YOUR APPLICATION. Let me say this again for the folks in the back, HAVE SOMEONE R-E-A-D YOUR APPLICATION! You’ve been looking at this for days or weeks. Get a fresh set of eyes on it. You wouldn’t want to spell your own name wrong, or accidentally use another school’s name in your app to HPU. That’s pretty much as awkward as going on a date and mentioning an ex. No, thanks!


7.       Come visit!

If you haven’t visited campus, come on down! We would love to have you. In fact, there are several Open Houses happening soon! We would love to see you here!

Get started on that application!
Happy applying!

Your HPU Admissions Counselor