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Nov 17th, 2022

A Day in the Life

Discover what it’s really like to live and learn on HPU’s energetic and engaged campus.

Academics are the foundation. Plotting a path for your career is the focus of college. High Point University, as The Premier Life Skills University, places great emphasis on these areas.

But you also want to love where you live when you’re in college. There are 168 hours in a week. Students are in class for approximately 20 of those. HPU has long understood that the college experience extends beyond the classroom.

College is a time for making memories and building friendships that will carry students far beyond their four years on campus. It’s a time for students to find their home away from home and grow their passions and hobbies. It’s a time to learn balance.

And while everyone’s personal routine on the HPU campus is unique, one of the best ways to understand how HPU students enjoy a fun, balanced life is to take a look at one student’s day-to-day experience.

That’s why we’re inviting you to follow HPU senior Julia Segalla through a day in her life on HPU’s campus! The following pages provide a glimpse into why students really love living and learning at HPU.

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Fun fact: 95% of HPU students live on campus all four years of college. Why? Partly because HPU’s dorms are ranked best in the nation. They serve as a space for us to relax and rejuvenate for the day ahead, waking up inspired by our own environment and ready to tackle the day.




I start every day with breakfast, whether it’s grabbing something on the go from one of two on-campus Starbucks, grabbing a bagel from our Great Day Bakery or taking a seat in our Slane Student Center Café — a favorite of mine. Not only is there a massive variety of food, but it’s also a hub of activity on campus where I can catch up with friends. Today, I sat with HPU President Nido Qubein. That’s right – our university president! It’s not something you hear students at other universities talk about, but at HPU, our president is highly involved. You can spot him throughout campus at any point in the day, but the Café is a frequent place for presidential sightings. If you don’t see him while you enjoy French toast, you’re guaranteed to see him during his semesterly candy handouts – a favorite HPU tradition. On Halloween and Valentine’s Day, you’ll catch him inside the Café, on the sidewalks and in the student center giving giant candy bars to every student he sees! We line up for it, snap our photos and take a moment to chat with our campus leader.



After breakfast, I walk down our Kester International Promenade on my way to class in the Nido R. Qubein School of Communication. The promenade is etched with inspirational quotes in the sidewalks and lined with sculptures of historical figures. It’s the perfect space between breakfast and class to get focused for the day. On top of that, kiosks are stationed along my walk with complimentary grab-and-go drinks and snacks. I always grab a quick treat before heading to class.




After class, I meet up with some friends at the Butterfly Café. Almost any student on campus will tell you this place is their favorite eatery. The Mediterranean-inspired menu lets you customize your pick of bowls, pita wraps, pastas and more. Plus, handcrafted coffee and gelato are a perfect midday treat in this unique location. The Butterfly Café. is located at the Caine Conservatory, an 8,000-square-foot oasis that houses tropical plant life.



After lunch and another class session, I make my way to the Slane Student Center fitness facility. There are several gyms spread throughout campus, with Slane being our largest. It has all the workout equipment you can imagine, not to mention an amazing HPU Rec team that offers free fitness classes led by instructors. There’s also an indoor basketball court and track located in Slane! And while it’s common to catch students having a pickup basketball game there, the space is also used for special and unique classes like bungee aerobics!



On busy days, I like to carve out time for catching up on assignments and studying whenever I can. One of my favorite spots is the Learning Commons in the R.G. Wanek Center. The space is part of our library system and provides a quiet spot to work. It even has a balcony with a bird’s-eye view of campus. It’s the perfect place to have quiet time and pause while taking in the activity of campus.




An hour into my study session, I can smell the food trucks arrive and decide to head down to the intersection in front of R.G. Wanek Center for our weekly food truck meetup. That’s right – we have weekly food trucks on campus! They serve complimentary treats and switch up times and locations. There’s music and games, and student groups and campus offices take turns hosting the events so students can discover more opportunities to get involved.



I’m a member of the HPU Dance Team, so my next stop is practice inside our new Nido and Mariana Qubein Arena. This is where we cheer on our men’s and women’s basketball teams and hype the crowd of students who come decked in their purple and white on game nights. You can typically spot me and my dance teammates performing at center court beneath the state’s largest collegiate Jumbotron on game breaks and TV timeouts during our ESPNU broadcast games.



I round out my day with a late dinner at Alo, one of two fine dining learning labs on campus. Alo is located inside the Jana and Ken Kahn Hotel that’s adjacent to the arena complex. The hotel serves as a space for event management and hospitality majors to hone their skills, while the restaurant is a space for all students to practice their etiquette and explore international eats. The best part? A weekly meal at Alo is included in the meal plan! The same goes for 1924 PRIME, another fine dining restaurant on campus! And, you can expect to encounter dishes like pan seared salmon and butternut squash risotto on a rotating basis.